‘Seiwasser — Art of Life’ plays a big role in tuning your mind, body and soul says Yasin Seiwasser.

‘Seiwasser — Art of Life’ plays a big role in tuning your mind, body and soul says Yasin Seiwasser.

Its effective techniques have benefitted many who have undergone the coaching program.

Yasin Seiwasser, who has been honing his martial arts skills since past 35 years says that the craft improves self-discipline which helps one build perseverance, confidence and integrity to a great extent. His years of experience has made him master a few underlying techniques which are much more powerful and help in overall well-being of a person rather than just letting him learn combat techniques, and many people are unaware of this. To introduce people to these unknown techniques he has introduced the ‘Seiwasser — Art of Life’ program which works exceptionally well for the mind, body and soul and has helped many who have undergone the training program under him.

This is an eight level program which includes effective techniques to help you emerge as a totally different person as a result of a cleansed mind, body and soul. People who have completed the program have come out rejuvenated and full of energy, backed by a clutter-free mind. Here’s a brief description of what the program is all about. The first level of consists of twelve exercises, which are an amalgamation of flexibility, energizing techniques, concentration, positive thinking and affirmations. The second level consists of powerful self-awareness, strengthening and energizing the entire body techniques. The third level is all about increasing flexibility, agility and well-being. Level four concentrates on the right nutrition for the body and the soul. Hand mudras and Jin Shin Jyutsu make the fifth level where we learn that the five elements of water, earth, ether, air and fire represent the five fingers. Level six is waking up to your inner energy, and here we strengthen the life force in the body through meditation. Level seven consists of exercises which can be used in your daily life and applied practically while walking, driving, or even doing your daily chores. Level eight, is an advanced level and requires complete understanding till level five of the program.

This program is highly recommended as those who have undergone it have benefitted tremendously from it and there’s no reason why one should refrain from gaining maximum benefits from it.

Derek Robins

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