Seeek founder Andrew Lewis creates intelligence software to be the secret advantage behind all future powerhouse brands

Seeek founder Andrew Lewis creates intelligence software to be the secret advantage behind all future powerhouse brands

The passionate digitalpreneur from the US thrives off of his commitment and innovations through his ventures.

It is incredible to know and learn about all those individuals and professionals who, in ways, more than one, make sure to go beyond boundaries and create something that can add more value to people’s lives. To be such kind of a professional, individuals need to grind each day, work around new ideas, and put them into action to turn their visions into a beautiful reality. Doing that in the world of digital as a true-blue professional and entrepreneur is Andrew Lewis from California, the US. He believed in his visions and thus went ahead in becoming the head honcho of two growing companies.

Andrew Lewis is not just any other businessman from the US desiring to make it huge in his career; he is beyond that and has proved the same with owning and operating an incredible marketing company like Agency Turnkey based in Los Angeles, CA US. This company is focused on helping businesses and other agencies alike scale through lead generation and outstanding marketing services. The passionate entrepreneur did not stop here, and in his quest to add more value to people’s lives, he dived deep into the digital game to create, a software company, which is soon to be launched and aimed at flipping the advertising world on its head. It is built as an intelligence software, and the recent release of IOS 14/15 affecting digital advertisers globally; Seeek will be the secret advantage behind all future powerhouse brands who want to dominate Web 3.0, he highlights.

Seeek does behavioural marketing, and through the software and with AI, people can track behaviour at a level and scale previously unimaginable. It is a company that will provide companies a real-time list of specific keywords and terms associated with their product that people are searching right now, only supplying qualified traffic vetted over millions of behaviours across billions of URLs. This will also help people know about their customers’ proximity to solutions and map their full profile back to their marketing engine.

Andrew Lewis had started his journey in 2015 with a solo digital marketing agency, with no prior experience or knowledge, but his hard work and commitment led him to go from $0-$300k within six months, servicing multiple industries. Then, in a year, he went from $300-$750k servicing both businesses and other agencies. With Seeek, he is quite excited and looking forward to decentralizing advertising online.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @andrewlewistv.

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