Save on software License with TheServerHost USA Windows Dedicated Server with multiple RDP access

With CAL License TheServerHost will provide Multiple RDP access for multiple user from different device with USA based Dedicated Server Hosting.

Delhi, Delhi, India, 27th Nov 2023 – RDP is an increasingly popular method for connecting to servers, desktops, and other devices within business settings. Offering the same experience as local sessions – including keyboard and mouse controls – RDP makes IT departments faster in responding to issues arising without physically visiting affected computers; employees may even work remotely when necessary.

Windows Server with multiple RDP allows users to remotely access a computer using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), providing secure connection and full access to its desktop including mouse and keyboard use. This facilitates collaborative projects by enabling multiple users to collaborate from different desktops while sharing access.

USA Windows servers allow two concurrent administrator Remote Desktop Protocol connections without incurring additional licensing costs; any more connections require purchasing additional Remote Desktop Services roles and Client Access License (CAL) licenses to access them. In certain instances, this may prove prohibitive for companies using software licensed according to user usage levels such as CAD/simulation software that limits simultaneous active users.

RDP is a protocol that enables users to connect remotely to remote computers, featuring a graphical user interface, keyboard and mouse input, video output and file transfer/print capabilities. Furthermore, multiple users may simultaneously use it – making RDP an invaluable asset in the workplace as it helps employees work from different locations while improving collaboration and team communication within teams.

Windows with multiple RDP is an ideal way for businesses that need access to their system from anywhere. This software offers many advantages, including remote server administration. Furthermore, its installation and usage are both straightforward; furthermore it won’t compromise Windows security or interfere with any programs or applications on your PC.

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is a remote computer communication protocol that offers users a full Windows experience from any location or device. Users can remotely access their desktop and utilize its resources, such as file transfers and high-resolution graphics; virtual keyboard and mouse support is also included with this technology.

Accessing Windows computers remotely has many advantages for businesses, including increased productivity and collaboration. It is vitally important that RDP security is implemented effectively to avoid becoming an avenue for cyberattacks or malware infection.

RDP provides a specialized network channel for data exchange between client and server computers, typically over TCP/IP – the protocol typically used by most Internet traffic. Mouse movements, keystrokes and desktop displays are transmitted over this dedicated connection – however this communication channel is usually asymmetric, with more data going from server side than from client side.

RDP offers several secure ways of using it, with differing implementation and maintenance processes for each method. Some solutions use SSL/TLS to encrypt sessions – usually more secure than RDP alone.

The new Microsoft RDP client offers features to address these types of problems, such as an optional connection quality setting that automatically chooses optimal settings for different connection qualities such as modem (56 Kbps) or low-speed broadband. Furthermore, this client can be configured to automatically compress network data upon transmit and reduce CPU load for optimal experience.

Windows Server 2019 includes performance counters to help administrators better identify problems and enhance end-user experiences, showing both active and inactive sessions as well as processes, to give an overview of which applications or processes are using most bandwidth.

TheServerHost – USA Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

For businesses that rely on resource-intensive applications, a dedicated server may be necessary. Reliable hosts can offer 24/7 technical support as well as monitor for malware to reduce revenue loss.

TheServerHost offers various hosting packages designed to fit the needs of every business, including unlimited bandwidth and disk space, FTP backup services and cPanel website management for easy website administration.

USA Dedicated Servers

USA Dedicated servers offer an exclusive environment to protect website data from being shared among other servers or websites, while optimizing performance with full hardware resources. They’re an ideal solution for eCommerce sites that handle high volumes of traffic or businesses that require PCI compliance to accept credit card payments online, providing 24/7 customer support as well as various add-on services that improve security or speed while managed service providers monitor hardware and software issues that could cause website downtime – saving clients both time and money they can put towards marketing campaigns.

Dedicated servers provide businesses looking to host their own web applications an ideal option. Offering superior performance over shared hosting solutions and featuring advanced features like FTP tunnels, root access and unlimited bandwidth; dedicated servers also prove more reliable and support a range of software products designed to optimize website performance.


A dedicated server is an ideal way to ensure the security of your website. Unlike shared hosting environments, which expose data to potential attacks from hackers and threats, dedicated servers offer more processing power and bandwidth compared to other forms of web hosting, meaning your website won’t slow down as often. Plus, dedicated hosting gives you root access that makes customizing configuration easier than ever!

TheServerHost offers fully managed dedicated server solutions designed to accommodate high volumes of traffic. Their servers are housed at top-tier data centers equipped with backup power supply to prevent outages; with high bandwidth capacities and unlimited disk space suited for businesses that experience unexpected spikes in visitor numbers. They also offer various software programs designed to boost speed and security while free technical support via Skype or email.

Dedicated servers offer small business owners who want to ensure that their websites remain accessible an ideal solution. Equipped with multiple high-speed network interfaces and supported by redundant power supplies, dedicated servers ensure their sites will always remain online even in case of hardware failure or DDoS attacks. In addition, dedicated servers boast better uptime rates and provide greater resilience against DDoS attacks than shared ones.


USA Dedicated servers are more reliable than shared hosting and offer various software and hardware features to strengthen security, such as high-speed network interfaces, firewall protection and antispam filters. Furthermore, cPanel and Plesk control panels make software installations simpler, making dedicated hosting suitable for businesses that generate large volumes of traffic while being equipped to quickly troubleshoot issues and prevent downtime.

TheServerHost provides an array of dedicated servers, making them an excellent option for businesses needing to expand. Their high-performance servers feature enterprise-grade hardware with unlimited bandwidth and storage space. In addition, free technical support and graphical control panels are also included as additional benefits.

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Meta Description: With CAL License TheServerHost will provide Multiple RDP access for multiple user from different device with USA based Dedicated Server Hosting.

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