Sauber defies custom by revealing the UK Formula One launch for 2024

Sauber defies custom by revealing the UK Formula One launch for 2024

Throughout its history, Sauber has introduced its vehicles in Austria, Germany, and most frequently, Switzerland. The 2023 C43 was unveiled in a joint ceremony held in Zurich and at the team’s Hinwil headquarters.

However, the group has never shown off in the UK; this will change in time for the 2024 season.

“We will of course announce the new team name as soon as the FIA will publish the entry list on December 10th,” Alunni Bravi stated during her speech at the Autosport Awards.

“I think will be a surprise and we cannot wait to start the partnership with our new partners. We will have, I think, a really fresh approach in terms of communication marketing and we will do a launch of the car here in the UK.”

After a six-year partnership with Alfa Romeo, of which five saw the team compete under the Italian manufacturer’s name, Sauber will run under a new name in 2019.

“This year, we concluded our successful partnership with Alfa Romeo. And for 2024 we will, of course, have a different team name,” he added.

“As you know, in Formula 1, the team name is also the pending foreign commercial partnership. We don’t want to disclose anything more tonight.”

Alunni Bravi has previously stated that logos and the Audi name will not appear until Sauber enters its next era in 2026 as the Audi works entry.

Alfa Romeo finished in the bottom two for the second time in three seasons this year with a meager 16 points, having risen to sixth in 2022.

When asked what changes the Sauber Group would be seeing over the course of the upcoming year, Alunni Bravi responded, “Of course, we are working really hard in the transformation process.” Even though we are still a small, independent team, we are striving to grow in all areas because the challenge is great.

“Every department. It’s not just a matter of size, it’s a matter of finding the right people, as Sir Jackie Stewart said, people will be crucial.

“And the most difficult challenge for us is to identify the very best professional and to have the right process. Of course, the challenge is big.

“Everybody that we can buy, but we cannot buy time, and we are fully aware about this challenge. And I think to manage the expectations will be one of the most demanding things.”


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