Sarbjeet Kaur taking punjabi talent to next level

Sarbjeet Kaur taking punjabi talent to next level

There is a famous saying – “Persistence, Perfection, Patience, Power and Prioritizing your passion keep you sane.” The context of our discussion here revolves around a professional Air Hostess, Sarbjeet Kaur, who has prioritized her hobbies to become a home name in the world of entertainment.

A sheer professional, Sarbjeet always dreamt of flying high but she never let her profession overcome her passion of dancing, travelling, writing and reading. She gave all her heart mind to her career but parallel, she gave all her heart to her hobbies.

Sarbjeet today needs no introduction as she co-owns a company ‘Pure Bhangra’ that manages performing artist, celebrity performer and running a team of gidha dancers. She herself is a trained dancer and had won several accolades in the past for her impeccable performances during various celebrity events.

From the past three years, her association with Pure Bhangra has been fruitful. It is doing a wonderful job of spreading the vibrant culture of Punjab. The traditional dance form of Punjab ‘Bhangra’ and ‘Gidha’ is always a delight to watch but the trained and specialized performers from Pure Bhangra makes it more luring.

Sarbjeet soon will be organizing a Bhangra fest – the biggest Punjabi concert in Middle East. Her team of gidha performers is much renowned and they, on numerous occasions, have performed for the Indian Government.

Revealing further about it, Sarbjeet said, “The Punjabi tradition, the culture and the fun will be observed in the event. As mentioned that it is the biggest Punjabi concert in the Middle East, the audience will be enthralled with the performances. It would be the biggest show of dance and fun and I feel that people in more and more numbers should visit.”

When asked how she manages everything as she also an air hostess in Dubai Airlines, Sarbjeet said, “It is definitely tough to manage both but I am used to it now. One is my career and other one is my passion. I cannot skip my passion for profession and vice versa.”

Sources close to Sarbjeet have revealed that she is planning a series of events in the different parts of the country and she has already begun research work for this.

Sarbjeet is also a die-hard lover of travelling and she loves to going and exploring places. She not only visits but also transcripts her experiences.

She has humongous following on social mediums. Her Instagram profile is a delight to watch. Despite having a tight schedule, Sarbjeet always manages to engage with her fans. She not only interacts with them but also keeps inspiring them. She, undoubtedly, is the biggest source of inspiration for everyone who says that they don’t have time to pursue their passion.

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