Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 ‘Ultra’ Edition Verified by Model Number Leak

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 ‘Ultra’ Edition Verified by Model Number Leak

It has been almost confirmed by claims that Samsung would release two Galaxy Z Fold 6 variants this year. Now, a new leak identifies the model number of the “Ultra” variant.

There have been reports for a few months now about two different Galaxy Z Fold 6 models. One is supposed to be more economical and contain some deliberate cutbacks. In addition, a different rumor claimed that Samsung is developing a foldable in the “Ultra” form in order to support the endeavor for a less expensive model.

This week, GalaxyClub revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have the model number “SM-F958.”

In the past, Samsung has ended a flagship series device’s model number with the number “6.” For example, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 model number is SM-F946, but the Fold 4 model number was SM-F936. Therefore, it would seem reasonable that the Fold 6’s model number is SM-F956.

Thus, where did the “8” originate?

Samsung has begun designating the “Ultra” models with that number in recent years. As an illustration, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has the model number SM-S928, whilst the S24+ has the number SM-S926. This indicates that Samsung is in fact developing a Galaxy Z Fold 6 “Ultra” model.

Curiously, the model number has only appeared with the suffix “N” up to this point, indicating that South Korea will be the device’s release country. While there’s no indication of the same model number for other regions just yet, there’s probably no reason to be alarmed. The SM-F956 model number that should have been associated with the “cheaper” model has also not been found as of yet.

In July, Samsung is anticipated to introduce its upcoming line of foldable devices.

Sanchita Patil

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