OnePlus 12’s Most Recent Firmware Update Includes a March 2024 Security Patch

OnePlus 12’s Most Recent Firmware Update Includes a March 2024 Security Patch

Users of the OnePlus 12 should check their device’s settings for over-the-air (OTA) upgrades at this time of month, as the firm has released a new version that includes the most recent security patch.

OnePlus revealed in its related community post over the weekend that the firm is currently bringing out the version for the OnePlus 12 devices across the Indian, North American, and Global regions after rolling out the OxygenOS early last month.

The most recent March 2024 Android security patch is included in the newly released firmware for all regions, and there are also significant system-wide enhancements and fixes in the shared changelog.

Users may now “create photo collages without frames in Photos” thanks to the most recent update. With the most recent OxygenOS 14 update, a new “Partial screenshot” option has been introduced to the Smart Sidebar.

Users of the OnePlus 12 will also find the update convenient as it allows them to turn on the flashlight without turning on the screen by just long-pressing the volume down button.

Other clever elements of the UI include the ability to search for an app by its initial letter in the home screen search box, which yields far better results in Drawer mode.

Additionally, because they can adjust the loudness at “app-specific” levels, users won’t need to tamper with the actual volume settings. For example, users can keep the existing system volume settings while individually lowering the level on the Instagram app.

Notably, “the volume bar’s design for ease of use and visual consistency” was also enhanced by the upgrade. Finally, customers can anticipate improved system stability along with the security patch when OxygenOS 14 is released incrementally.

A smaller number of users started receiving the new update over the weekend, according to OnePlus, and a wider rollout is expected to happen in the next few days or weeks. OnePlus claims that the update has started to roll out to the OnePlus 12 in the aforementioned locations in phases.

Additionally, OnePlus is urging its users to report issues and other feedback to the community so that it might potentially be fixed in a future release.

Sanchita Patil

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