Roohan Gandomi: A Harmonic Tale of Triumph and Love in “Daryao Delesh”

Roohan Gandomi: A Harmonic Tale of Triumph and Love in “Daryao Delesh”

Roohan Gandomi, is a highly talented music producer, composer, mix engineer, and guitar electronic player. Born on January 1, 1990, in Mashhad, Iran, Roohan has carved a niche for himself in the music industry. However, his journey isn’t limited to the realm of music alone. Roohan is also an accomplished tennis player and has a history as a boxer. In this article, we will focus on Roohan Gandomi’s upcoming release, “Daryao Delesh,” and delve into the profound story behind this highly anticipated song.

Background and Overview of Roohan Gandomi

Roohan Gandomi, whose real name is Ruhollah Gandomi, is a multifaceted artist with an innate passion for music. With his exceptional talent and dedication, Roohan has garnered a strong following in the industry. His compositions are known for their unique blend of electronic and guitar elements, captivating listeners with their melodious tunes and soulful lyrics.

Roohan Gandomi: The Multitalented Artist

Roohan Gandomi’s artistic journey spans various disciplines, making him a truly versatile artist. He has honed his skills as a music producer, composer, and mix engineer, enabling him to create captivating soundscapes. Roohan’s proficiency as a guitar electronic player further adds depth and richness to his compositions. His ability to seamlessly merge different genres sets him apart from his peers.

Journey of a Music Producer

Roohan Gandomi has worked relentlessly to refine his craft and bring his musical visions to life. As a music producer, Roohan has collaborated with renowned artists, infusing their work with his unique style. His dedication to his craft and meticulous attention to detail have earned him accolades within the industry.

A Blend of Music and Sports

Apart from his musical endeavors, Roohan Gandomi has a background in sports. Prior to his music career, he was actively involved in boxing, showcasing his determination and discipline. Additionally, Roohan is an accomplished tennis player, displaying his prowess on the court. The combination of his musical and athletic abilities speaks to his well-rounded nature as an artist.

The Story Behind the Song “Daryao Delesh”

At the heart of Roohan Gandomi’s upcoming release, “Daryao Delesh,” lies a poignant and personal story. The song revolves around Roohan’s experience during a visit to Sanya, China, where he encountered the aggressive and tumultuous Pacific Ocean. In Iran, this body of water is often referred to as the “Calm Ocean” or “اقیانوس آرام.” During his time there, Roohan Gandomi found inspiration in the contrasting nature of the ocean’s behavior.

Accompanied by a close friend, Roohan witnessed the ferocity of the sea with its towering waves and unforgiving weather—a sight unlike anything he had ever encountered. Tragically, as they ventured near the water, Roohan’s friend was caught by the powerful waves and began to drown.

In a race against time, Roohan bravely fought the elements, swimming desperately for about 15 minutes in an attempt to save his friend. Exhaustion threatened to overtake him, and he teetered on the brink of giving up. However, it was the words of his friend, expressing her love for him, that ignited a surge of energy within Roohan.

Together, they clung to each other, fully believing that their lives were coming to an end. Despite their valiant efforts, the turbulent ocean and treacherous weather made it impossible for them to escape its grasp. They were stranded, with no one else around to lend a helping hand.

Fortunately, their athletic backgrounds proved to be their saving grace. Drawing upon their strength and endurance, Roohan and his friend battled the elements, propelling themselves forward, even as their hope dwindled. Lost and disoriented, they struggled to determine the correct path to safety.

Miraculously, the very waves that had threatened their lives seemed to guide them toward the shore. Inch by inch, they inched closer to land, until finally, Roohan felt the solid ground beneath his feet. With immense relief and gratitude, he embraced his friend, both of them expelling the water they had ingested during the harrowing ordeal.

Though his girlfriend’s health suffered greatly, Roohan managed to get her to a hospital promptly, offering his unwavering support throughout her recovery.

The Significance of “Daryao Delesh”

The upcoming release, “Daryao Delesh,” holds a profound significance for Roohan Gandomi. It is a song born from the depths of his heart, as it encapsulates the life-altering experience he endured during that fateful encounter with the ocean. This heartfelt composition resonates with the emotions, struggles, and resilience that defined that moment.

“Daryao Delesh” represents not just a song, but a testament to human strength, the power of love, and the will to overcome insurmountable challenges. Roohan’s unwavering belief in the transformative power of music fuels his dedication to creating a piece that will touch the hearts of listeners.

Roohan Gandomi’s Emotional Connection with the Song

For Roohan Gandomi, “Daryao Delesh” holds a deeply personal connection. It is a reflection of his own journey through life, encapsulating the emotions, memories, and lessons he has gathered along the way. This song represents a cathartic release, allowing Roohan to pour his soul into his music, sharing his story with the world.

Every note, every lyric, carries the weight of the experience he went through, making “Daryao Delesh” an intensely emotional and authentic piece of art. Roohan’s genuine connection with the song ensures that listeners will be able to connect with it on a profound level, fostering a shared experience of vulnerability and strength.

The Impact of the Real-Life Experience

Roohan Gandomi’s encounter with the raging ocean and the subsequent rescue of his friend has left an indelible mark on his life. It has instilled in him a renewed appreciation for the fragility of existence and the resilience of the human spirit. This profound experience has shaped Roohan’s perspective on life, art, and the power of storytelling through music.

The real-life events that unfolded during that tumultuous day have become a driving force behind Roohan’s creative process. It has ignited a passion within him to create music that not only entertains but also carries a deeper message. Through “Daryao Delesh,” Roohan aims to share the story of survival, love, and the triumph of the human spirit.

Pre-Order and Release Details

Excitement surrounds the release of “Daryao Delesh” as Roohan Gandomi’s fans eagerly await the opportunity to experience this heartfelt composition. The song is set to be released on June 11, 2023, and is currently available for pre-order on popular platforms such as Amazon and Apple Music.

Fans and music enthusiasts can secure their copy of the song in advance, ensuring they are among the first to listen to the emotionally charged melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The anticipation for “Daryao Delesh” continues to grow as fans anticipate Roohan’s powerful storytelling and musical prowess.

The Role of Musixsale in Roohan’s Career

Roohan Gandomi’s artistic journey has been greatly supported by the dedicated team at Musixsale. This dynamic group of professionals is committed to managing Roohan’s social platforms and helping him expand his reach and connect with a broader audience.

By leveraging the power of social media and online platforms, Musixsale has helped Roohan Gandomi gain visibility and recognition in the music industry. Their efforts have facilitated the growth of his fan base and ensured that his music reaches the ears of music enthusiasts worldwide.


Roohan Gandomi’s journey as a music producer, composer, and mix engineer has been marked by resilience, passion, and a deep emotional connection to his art. Through his upcoming release, “Daryao Delesh,” Roohan shares a profound story of survival, love, and the triumph of the human spirit. This deeply personal composition showcases Roohan’s talent and ability to create music that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

As the release date approaches, anticipation for “Daryao Delesh” continues to build. It is a testament to Roohan’s unwavering dedication to his craft and his desire to touch the hearts of his audience. Supported by the team at Musixsale, Roohan Gandomi is poised to make a significant impact on the music industry, leaving an indelible mark with his authentic storytelling and captivating compositions.

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1: Where can I pre-order “Daryao Delesh”?

You can pre-order “Daryao Delesh” on popular platforms such as Amazon and Apple Music. Secure your copy in advance and be among the first to experience Roohan Gandomi’s powerful composition.

2: Will Roohan Gandomi perform the song live?

Roohan Gandomi’s live performances are highly anticipated. Stay tuned for updates on his upcoming shows and events where he may showcase “Daryao Delesh” and other captivating compositions.

3: How can I connect with Roohan Gandomi on social media?

To connect with Roohan Gandomi on social media and stay updated with his latest projects and releases, you can follow him on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Engage with his posts, share your thoughts, and be a part of his growing community of fans.

4: Is the song available on streaming platforms?

It’s gonna be released on all digital platforms soon, “Daryao Delesh is available for Pre-order on Amazon and Apple Music at the moment but it’s gonna be released soon on A multitude of digital platforms, encompassing Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music, offer a diverse array of musical experiences. You can easily access the song on your preferred streaming service and immerse yourself in Roohan Gandomi’s heartfelt composition.

5: Can you provide more information about Musixsale?

Certainly! Musixsale is a dedicated team of professionals specializing in artist management and digital marketing for musicians owned by Amir Eight. They work closely with Roohan Gandomi to enhance his online presence, manage his social media platforms, and help him build a strong online following and his website. Musixsale’s expertise has been instrumental in promoting Roohan’s music and expanding his reach to a wider audience.

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