Roborock Qrevo S Robot Vacuum is Released as a More Potent Variant

Roborock Qrevo S Robot Vacuum is Released as a More Potent Variant

In the US, the Roborock Qrevo S robot mop and vacuum has been released. The model, also referred to as the Q Revo S, is a new addition to the Qrevo and Qrevo MaxV lineup, the latter of which was introduced earlier this year.

Compared to the original Qrevo, which had a suction power of 5,500 Pa, the Qrevo S boasts 7,000 Pa, matching the MaxV. The S has two rotating mops and a primary rubber brush, both of which are automatically raised when the carpet is recognized, just like its predecessors. The absence of an Intelligent Dirt Detection feature, which modifies the cleaning when a buildup is discovered, and a FlexiArm mop for edge-to-edge cleaning are among the shortcomings in comparison to the MaxV. The robot is suitable for an area of about 330 m² (~3,550 ft²) and moves around your house with ease using obstacle avoidance technology and LDS laser navigation. The Roborock app, an Apple Watch app, and an iPhone widget are the available control methods.

The docking station that comes with it is the same as the MaxV’s, although it’s a little bit shorter than the original and charges more quickly. The robot will autonomously empty the dustbin, refill the water tank, and wash and dry its mops with warm air when it gets to the dock. The clever docking station, according to Roborock, enables up to seven weeks of hands-free cleaning. The Roborock Qrevo S is currently available for purchase in the US for $799.99, which is $600 less than the Q Revo Max V ($1,399.99) and $100 less than the Q Revo ($899). It’s unclear when or if the model might be introduced in other markets, such as Europe.

Sanchita Patil

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