Rj Akshay aka Akshay gholve says : Hard work and perseverance will make you successful

Rj Akshay aka Akshay gholve says : Hard work and perseverance will make you successful

As we see there are many faces coming in lime light from different different fields now a days. We can say it’s just because of their luck factor or the other reason will be just because of thier hard work .
What’s your opinion on this is hardwork more important then luck , or both is needed simultaneously ?

So here your answer from from Rj Akshay who is one of the famous celebrity rj anchor in india .
Speaking with him Akshay said that his journey of life toward success is very different.
As he stared his carrier after completing education in engineering , rj Akshay was multitalented he was not only intelligent in studies but also in other curricular activities.

Rj Akshay did many social programs , got involved in many regional programs , gave his involvement in many other activities like functional programs, arrangements of big events , etc.
his passion was always to help others and to spread love and laughter.

From a local guy to a celebrity anchor rj Akshay believes that it’s not only his luck but it’s all obout his hardwork, passion and love of people shown on him , these are some reason he became a popular person . Rj Akshay says that his hardwork made him successful but being a hard worker one should always be a smart worker to.
Combination of hardwork plus smart work will make you come closer to your dreams

He thinks that where he is now is just because of the love people give to him and loving his anchoring. Rj Akshay has got many awards from famous personalities for being a covid warrior and entertaining people all over.

No matter how hard the situation is there is always a way in everything sooo you just have to be focused on what you want to be and goalie it with hardwork and passion success will surely kiss you.
This is some words by rj Akshay.
We will see rj Akshay will make a huge impact on millions soon . We wish him a great luck ahed

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