Ride1Up eBikes are the Solution to High & Volatile Gas Prices

According to the national gas price tracking site, Gas Buddy, the average cost of gasoline has more than doubled over the last 18 months. Meaning that if you were spending $150/month to fill up at $2.20 a gallon, you are now spending $300 per month, which adds up to $3,600 a year.

With inflation continuing to rise and instability on the geopolitical stage, gas prices remain high – leading many people to seek alternative transportation methods. For savvy consumers, one of the most cost-effective investments is in an eBike from Ride1Up.

Taking Matters into Your Own Hands

Ride1Up is committed to designing sleek, fast, and affordable electric bikes. By removing price as a barrier to entry, they are creating a world in which more people commute by bike and live a better life.

Given current fuel prices, the cost of an electric bike from Ride1Up can be 100% offset by the cash saved on gas within the first year. The Federal Highway Administration’s Popular Vehicle Trips Statistics show that 77% of all single privately-operated vehicle trips taken by Americans are a distance of 10 miles or less.

If you take an eBike on those shorter trips, your annual savings would be $2,772 (using the national average for gas prices). This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your car. It means that by opting to ride a bike instead of a car on those short trips, you can make a significant impact on your gas expenses.

Finding a Quality eBike at Ride1Up

Of all the companies in the eBike market, companies like Ride1Up really shine. Every bike they offer will be paid off with your gas savings in under one year, some models in under six months. The best thing about Ride1Up is that the company is 100% about quality. They build their bikes using name-brand components while keeping prices low.

The company was started by a group of biking industry professionals and eBike enthusiasts. They worked together to build their own eBikes by hand. As they watched the eBike market blossom, they realized they had the industry knowledge and expertise to construct sturdy bikes that were a better value than many larger retailers.

Their bikes range from just over $1,000 to $2,295 and come in an assortment of models and colors, with each eBike guaranteed by a 1-year warranty and a reasonable return policy. 

In addition, Ride1Up’s latest design includes the German-built Brose motor. Brose motors are known for being quiet, providing a smooth ride and having no chain resistance when the motor is off. With all the selections to choose from and the team’s high standards for quality and safety, Ride1Up has emerged as the go-to resource to buy an eBike that will last.

Buying  an eBike from Ride1Up

The staff at Ride1Up is friendly and knowledgeable. They understand that purchasing an eBike is an important investment and they encourage and welcome questions. The staff can walk you through the process of owning one and teach you how to take care of it so that it lasts the longest possible amount of time. For any rider who commits to replace at least 2 driving trips per month with their electric bike, Ride1Up offers $40 off any eBike.

Go to the Ride1Up website to browse their selections and talk with the staff. With Ride1Up, you can save money on your gas bill with a new eBike today.

Derek Robins

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