Revolutionary Innovations: Michael Saigh’s Journey as an Inventor and Patent Trailblazer

Revolutionary Innovations: Michael Saigh’s Journey as an Inventor and Patent Trailblazer

There are two distinct types of inventors: extrinsic and intrinsic inventors. Extrinsic inventors arise from pressures outside the individual and often pursue external rewards such as money, social recognition, corporate promotions, and societal praise motivators. Intrinsic inventors arise from within the individual, such as solving a complicated issue to help humanity purely for the gratification of solving a problem. Both extrinsic and intrinsic innovators are either independent inventors who are not affiliated with an employer or dependent inventors who are employed primarily by large corporations. In general, most independent inventors are intrinsic inventors and invent for reasons other than monetary. Most extrinsic inventors are associated with large corporations where they generally forfeit their intellectual property (IP) rights to their corporation.

Large corporations have access to enormous resources, IP attorneys, and assistance to churn thousands of patents. Independent inventors are significantly decreasing in number compared to past decades in the United States for several reasons. Over the last few decades, US research and development funding has been cut in half. After granting US patents, the USPTO established a tribunal called PTAB (Patent Trial Appeal Board), invalidating over 80% of the patents previously granted by the USPTO. Independent inventors’ patents are more vulnerable than ever due to large corporate lobbyists and the Chinese government exerting strategies to circumvent our patent process through Inter Party Reviews (IPRs).

The most significant killer of the US independent inventors lies in the costs of defending a patent which can cost millions of dollars and years of litigation inextricably linked to any compensation, even when justified. The entire patent system is a “mess,” says Saigh, “even the cream of the crop of the intrinsic innovators don’t want to waste their lives and hurt their families when facing a rigged, unfair system; motivation must be restored.” 

Michael Saigh was motivated when he met Dr. Jonas Edward Salk when living in California and after seeing his friend paralyzed from polio. Dr. Salk was a motivator, his idol, to become an American inventor. Dr. Salk refused to accept income from his polio vaccine invention, said Saigh. He saved millions of lives and represents the true meaning of the intrinsic innovation. Saigh modeled his substantial patent portfolio with what he learned from his hero Dr. Salk. Saigh significantly influenced several sectors through his original thinking and revolutionary ideas. Saigh has made a name for himself in intellectual property and technology development. Saigh’s career comprises a string of outstanding discoveries that have altered industries and affected significant actors in the technological arena, some of which are as follows:

Saigh’s major accomplishment is the establishment of Equine Smartbit LLC (ESBits), a Saint Louis-based engineering firm that has changed the horse training sector. Equine Smartbit incorporates sensors with wireless bit designs, ushering in the first substantial shift in horse bit technology in over 3400 years. Owners, trainers, and veterinarians can use this cutting-edge technology to monitor horse health and increase communication between jockeys and horses. Equine Smartbit can monitor critical indicators like heart rate, oxygen levels, temperature, respiration, and real-time monitoring while running 35 miles per hour. His technology and patents include environmental conditions, giving data for analysis and historical monitoring to measure competitiveness against other horses for all equine sports. For example, how 1-year-old thoroughbred times are in comparison to other one-year-old racehorses. Technology aids in illness prevention, early detection of health concerns, and better training regimens, eventually improving performance and guaranteeing the well-being of horses. Saigh was also the first inventor to patent biometrics between animals and humans. Imagine walking your dog and comparing your heart rate and calories burned or a polo match where the rider and the horse compare biometrics and movement to improve being in sync and performance.

Saigh learned substantially from the equine project to help revolutionize human sports. Saigh’s patents include team sports where the coach can measure electro chemicals such as lactic acid and dehydration diagnostics and other biometrics SpO2, Temperature, and BPM through a customized smart mouthguard or retainer to optimize performance and athlete health in real-time. Through his device, the soccer, basketball, football, or hockey coach can scientifically know when to substitute players before the injury. 

Saigh’s knowledge goes beyond the equestrian sector. His involvement in invention and patent registration spans several technologies that have significantly influenced various industries. The selling of electronic book patents to notable individuals and corporations like Paul Allen, Google, and Apple was a remarkable success. Even before the widespread use of the internet, Saigh’s intellectual property distribution network (IPDN) pioneered principles for copyright protection and the distribution of electronic books, audiobooks, music, movies, and digital games. His ideas laid the groundwork for the modern digital media environment, impacting prominent companies in the technology business.

Saigh has proved his capacity to flourish in various businesses during his career. He has worked on fintech, medical information systems, asset utilization, biometric sensors, forensic vetting, bio-energy technologies, robotic police drones, automated logistics systems, and other projects. His patents demonstrate his extensive knowledge of technology, business, and innovation.

Saigh’s business ventures include the founding of Saigh & Sons in 2003, where he served as CEO until 2016. He also co-founded AutoCart Logistics, a food delivery logistics startup, and Push-to-Alert, the world’s first smartphone alerting system, in response to the devastating mass shooting at Virginia Tech University. These projects reflect Saigh’s enthusiasm for innovation and improving people’s lives through technology.

Saigh founded the Liquid Rarity Exchange (LRE) in 2011 and served as its CEO until 2021. LRE, also known as the RarityX platform, pioneered a novel security architecture that fractionalized and securitized high-value physical and digital assets such as Picasso paintings, antique vehicles, and exquisite string instruments. The platform enabled investors to acquire fractional ownership of these rare assets, democratizing the financial environment and making it more accessible to a large audience. The LRE, RarityX platform holds the first platform and patent that includes trading in 3D virtual environments allowing asset owners and traders to provide robust historical datasets for every rarity asset and pool of assets traded. 

Saigh’s early professional experiences shaped his imaginative thinking. He created an electronic microchip cleanroom laboratory for experimenting in the mid-1980s while working as a stockbroker and adjunct business lecturer at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Saigh created prototypes and filed multiple patents at the university, including the notion of “Autoerasure” for the electronic rental of e-books and movies, forecasting the future of digital media consumption by creating a new low-priced model for renting as compared to the purchasing of an e-book or movie or song. Saigh’s patents also included advertising revenue to supplement IP such as Youtube and other platforms. 

Saigh’s influence on the technological world goes beyond his innovations to his function as a mentor and champion for innovation. His engagement in many organizations and contributions to the business demonstrate his dedication to supporting innovation. Saigh is still involved in technical breakthroughs and intellectual property as co-chairman of the Liquid Rarity Exchange and chairman of Equine Smartbit. His commitment to pushing the frontiers of innovation and his ability to discover chances for technical breakthroughs have solidified his status as an industry influencer.

Michael Saigh’s substantial patent portfolio and business ventures have cemented his reputation as a recognized innovator and prominent player in America’s intellectual property. His contributions to various segments, such as electronic books, video on demand have influenced how people perceive, learn and engage with technology. Saigh’s legacy will inspire future innovators and entrepreneurs, leaving a lasting imprint on innovation and business influence in the same way that Dr. Jonas Salk influenced him.

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