Renowned physical therapist Dr. Aman Dhaliwal PT, DPT, is contributing to the good health of the public.

Renowned physical therapist Dr. Aman Dhaliwal PT, DPT, is contributing to the good health of the public.

Modern society’s lifestyle is being contributed to by Dr. Aman Dhaliwal, PT, DPT, a renowned physical therapist from the US. When it comes to health and wellness, posture corrector Dr. Dhaliwal preaches and promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. She also encourages active and regular participation in sports for the better and sound health of the individual. Through pursuing physical activities, the correct posture for the individual is also achieved. Furthermore, a determined focus on improving not only the individual but also society.

“Stay active and be healthy. Take preventative measures to avoid spinal issues later in life,” advises Dr. Dhaliwal to the public. Dr. Dhaliwal designed a unique posture roller based on her patients’ suffering. She aims to help people be active and have a healthy back the easy way. Solex, a unique posture roller, is a designed product by Dr. Dhaliwal that helps to prevent spine and hunchback issues in people. With its greater use and health-oriented objective, the physical therapist aspires to have most people use Solex to upgrade their postures.

Dr. Dhaliwal preaches the importance of sound health. Back issues are common in people. With the increasing amount of time invested in using gadgets and on big and small screens, it is growing every day in today’s world, irrespective of any age or gender. The decrease in outdoor activities and the changing lifestyles are majorly contributing to back and spine issues, and that is where Dr. Dhaliwal is changing the world for the betterment of not only the individual but society as a whole.

And that is where Solex brings its A game.

The need to have good posture is about more than looking good. It assists in the development of the body’s strength and balance as well. Solex credits its work in helping preserve the spinal curves. A patented product, the foam roller is unique and innovative in its style and design.The posture corrector has curves that align with the spine, which helps relieve neck and back pain while also helping keep the body in top form. Solex made a big promise to society and has fulfilled it every day.

“People love the concept of Solex. It is one way in my career to improve patients’ health,” quotes Dr. Dhaliwal. Good posture is crucial for sound spine health. And once people use Solex, then there is no going back, ” adds Dhaliwal. With that, Dr. Dhaliwal is changing the world day by day. Not only does the professional preach about practising a healthy lifestyle, but also adds solutions to the growing issues being developed in society and the best way to minimise them.

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