Reddit launches a new certification program for innovative engaging ads

Reddit launches a new certification program for innovative engaging ads

After finishing the training, marketers can display a digital emblem and become Reddit Ads Creative Certified partners.

Reddit’s Ads Formula marketing hub now has a new certification.

The free, one-hour training for intermediate marketers is called “Reddit Ads Creatives,” and it teaches how to:

  • Create captivating ad creatives.
  • Follow the best practices for Reddit advertisements.
  • Do imaginative A/B testing.
  • Interact with the people on Reddit.
  • Creatives should be adjusted for seasonal occasions all year long.

Why it matters 

You will receive your Reddit Ads Creative Certified partner status after finishing the course and passing the exam. This status includes a digital badge that you can use on other platforms to demonstrate your proficiency with Reddit marketing. This could help you get more business and advance your career.

Why this time?

The platform is expanding its training classes for the second time in two months in response to the increasing demand from clients for advanced Reddit knowledge. The previous courses scored 4.5 out of 5, indicating great satisfaction. Remarkably, 87% of participants said the course improved their comprehension of Reddit’s advertising options.

Reddit’s thoughts

In a statement, a representative for Reddit stated:

  • “Make an even bigger impact this holiday season with campaign strategies that’ll set your brand up for success.”
  • “Sharpen your creative skills and Own the Moment with our latest course in our Creative Certification on RedditAF.”
  • “Upon passing the Certification Exam, you’ll validate your knowledge, earn a badge, and sweet bragging rights for your newfound skills!”


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