Razer develops Bluetooth lapel mic for mobile streamers

Razer develops Bluetooth lapel mic for mobile streamers

Razer’s latest livestreaming gear is designed for broadcasts away from your desk. The company has unveiled the Seiren Bluetooth, its first Bluetooth lapel microphone. The clip-on design’s versatile mic and AI-based noise suppression are designed to help mobile streamers and vloggers who want better sound quality than their phones, especially in noisy situations.

The Lapel mic includes a 3.5mm jack for headphone monitoring, and you can customize it with the Razr Streaming app to improve noise levels, reduce delays for game streams, and adjust the sidetone for monitoring. A battery capable of up to four hours with AI enabled and up to six hours with AI disabled or long IRL flow is sufficient. The included socks help reduce popping and wind noise both indoors and outdoors.

Seiren Bluetooth is available for 100 and should work with “all” phones as well as general streaming apps like Streamlabs, Twitch and YouTube. Whether it’s a good value or not depends on your needs. The Razer Seiren is most eager to be compared to Sabinetek’s all-equipped $ 140 SmartMike +, but it also assumes you insist on a wireless option. If you’re happy with a USB- or Lightning-based wired lapel mic, you can spend a lot less.

Sneha Mali

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