Rapper Bankrollsyoung Is Taking Hip-Hop By Storm

Rapper Bankrollsyoung Is Taking Hip-Hop By Storm

IC9 is a UK group composed of rappers BRY (Bankrollsyoung), Gucchi S and S.Ghost from Croydon, South London. Their achievements in the music industry have made them a pacesetter with significant contributions. The group first released their hit single, Kit-Kat in December 2018, which received over 350,000 views on YouTube. With deep market knowledge, coupled with a creative, detail-oriented approach, Bankrollsyoung is equipped to understand exactly what it takes to survive and thrive amidst the tight competition in the rap music industry, delivering music releases rooted in talent, integrity and expertise. The group’s strong market presence as enabled by their talent and skills in rap music make them a keen ambassador for rap music, proactively seeking out new opportunities to enhance their services and continually attain excellence, with fan-base satisfaction the ultimate objective.

Bankrollsyoung’s unique ability to build and maintain incredible working relationships sets them apart from those around them. The group has gone on to release further tracks with well-known UK rappers such as members from Harlem Spartans, Young Tribez and Frenzo. The group spends a lot of time in the studio making and producing music, consulting and working with top industry experts. O Their extensive work and passion grants them a sophisticated and nuanced perspective that elevates their current work, enabling them to match fans with the kind of music they expect.

Each release sees Bankrollsyoung expanding on his style, moving from the dark throwback sounds of earlier works into new territories and ultimately becoming one of the most important and original underground artists’ paving the way for many successful independent artists’ careers today. He is one of the most buzzing artists in the hip-hop world.

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