Rakesh Joshi — music producer and DJ from India — making an impression in the music industry!

Rakesh Joshi — music producer and DJ from India — making an impression in the music industry!

DJ Rakesh Joshi is an artist with multiple amazing talents which are a source of his impressive run in the industry — helping him make his mark. His forte extends to him being a remarkable music producer along with disk jockeying as his primary skill.

Although having faced several challenges in this journey — including his panic attacks, which Rakesh terms as the toughest phase — his courage and confidence has not just helped him break the barriers but has been inspiring many young and upcoming artists too. 

Starting from his childhood and operating the turn tables since then, DJ Rakesh Joshi has experienced it all that an artist would in their odyssey — performing at celebrated music festivals to achieving esteemed milestones. In his 17 years of exceptional journey in music, Rakesh joshi has garnered his extraordinary skills in the art of audio-visual experiences at his concerts creating an ambience one would relish for ages yet leaving them craving for more.

Rakesh has garnered great responses from his audience for his popular releases on YouTube. He is a rising music producer and a DJ, and is set to be a celebrity name in coming years. All of his music is available on YouTube. 

Despite the huge following on social media — where majority of the stars are available — Rakesh Joshi is quite easy to approach. His unique sense in music and love for the same has garnered him a lot of fans across the globe. The passion and right sources has helped him improve his creativity and create unique, capturing, and wonderful music.

You can get in touch with Rakesh and enjoy his music on Instagram — @djrakeshjoshi.

Best wishes to the rising star for all his future endeavours.

Derek Robins

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