Rahill Mehta aka Dancing DJ takes over Instagram with his musical beats

Rahill Mehta aka Dancing DJ takes over Instagram with his musical beats

The screen time of users in the last few years has drastically increased. Thanks to smart devices and the ever-changing trends of social media. We all have witnessed how social media apps have flourished and have become the ideal content creation platform. It has given birth to an array of content creators and influencers who are raking in the great moolah. But what does it take to be a successful name on the internet? The answer is simple – artistic flair and creativity. Making the most of it is Rahill Mehta, fondly known as Dancing DJ by everyone.

Rahill needs no formal introduction. The creative potential that this young lad possesses justifies the same. His versatile skills have built his reputation as an affluent Bollywood DJ, dancer and music producer. While Rahill Mehta has enthralled the crowd in India’s leading clubs and events, he has even created a fandom of his own on Instagram. In a time where the world was falling apart because of the pandemic, Dancing DJ brought everyone closer by redefining music in a quirky way.

Keeping the users hooked to the unique Bollywood mixes, Rahill’s created versions are no less than any masterpiece. Be it Shah Rukh Khan’s chartbuster song ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ or Salman Khan’s iconic ‘O O Jaane Jaana’, he is giving the music a new meaning by inculcating modern tunes and renditions. Well, his rich taste in music and those super co-ordinated dance moves has made this supremely talented guy a cynosure to all eyes.

There’s no doubt in the fact that Rahill Mehta is class beyond comparison. Moreover, he is India’s first dancing DJ and probably one of the finest artists in the country. Rahill who got introduced to the stage as a dancer at an age of 6 learnt dancing under the coveted Shiamak Davar. Taking dance and DJing hand in hand, Rahill Mehta’s creativity is one of a kind in today’s competitive environment.

With an experience of doing TV commercials and brand shoots, Rahill Mehta is currently ruling the roost as a true Instagram sensation. Sharing his joy about the same, he revealed, “It is the quality of content that I completely focus on. I understood that good numbers will eventually follow with the quality of work I do. And it feels surreal to get thousands of message requests, DMs from my followers. They have kept me sane and motivated throughout this journey.” If you love music and dance equally, you must check out this bundle of talent’s Instagram page – ‘@rahillmehta_’.

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