Professor Willow does not appear in action at Pokémon Go Fest 2022

Professor Willow does not appear in action at Pokémon Go Fest 2022

This year’s Go Fest, Pokemon Go’s annual Summer Weekend Extravaganza, introduces new mythical creatures, the arrival of the franchise’s extra-dimensional Ultra Beasts, and the apparent (possibly temporary) loss of everyone’s favorite hunk. Professor, Willow.

The disappearance of Willow is a wonderful twist for the second day of the game, meaning that the game has lost its usual friendly face, guiding players through the story of the game. Instead of a mysterious stranger named Ree, who appears to be a new ally, the players replace Willow while investigating the emergence of the first Ultra Beast.

These animals are probably the reason for Willow’s absence, and hopefully there will be a constant focus on the new season of the game. For now, at least, Willow’s absence seems to be a story development that will last for a while, with standard text in the game being replaced throughout the app to remove the professor’s references. (For those who are very worried, a Go Fest finale event for current ticket holders, coming in August, is likely to revolve around its revival.)

As in previous years, the first day of Go Fest was filled with cute new legendary Pokemon. This year it was Shaymin, a happy type of hedgehog that blooms wherever it goes. I especially enjoyed his entry – walking through a beautiful flower-filled landscape – letting myself be caught up in the duty.

Along the way are the usual quest steps, climbing battles and rare Pokemon to catch. With a variety of options for those who love to walk and explore, who want to keep an eye on every animal, and who want to focus on the battle, the ability to tailor your Go Fest Story Quest to your liking is the new year. In Smart Move, each of these routes also offers three difficulty levels so you can quickly wrap things up with the same rewards if you prefer so that players with all abilities get the same items for their ticket price.

With tickets costing around £ 14 (sadly, prices vary slightly on different phone app stores), Go Fest 2022 didn’t offer the same discount as last year (when Google sponsorship saw it drop to a whopping £ 5). This led many in my community to decide to miss it, even on that third day in August to offer a large offering, and another busy day of even more rare species and raids.

For your money, players received at least 18 individual red passes and three remote passes in two days to use the first Ultra Beast, the Nilego, usually the ultra-rare Axew, now available in its shiny version. Other mythical creatures. Other Pok पोmon available include Tropius and Torcol, a regional exclusive and event-exclusive announcement for Africa and Southeast Asia in general.

Sneha Mali

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