Pretty Sinners Label is changing the way girls shop online!

Pretty Sinners Label is changing the way girls shop online!

2020 has been quite a year for all of us! For one brand in particular, this year has been nothing but positivity and inspiring!

Pretty Sinners Label was started only 9 months ago from the sunny shores of Brisbane, Australia.

From nothing, it  has since grown a huge following of over 100,000 passionate women on instagram alone and growing more by the day. 

Just from a simple glance at there website, you can tell this company is the real deal and will hold the expectation for online retailing very high for future years.

“This stunning brand we have built is a perfect representation of the energy we have as a team and we pass that same energy on to our customers.” – Maddie Britton. Creative Director, Pretty Sinners Label.

Whats clear is that this brand is the future of online shopping. They have incorporated an incredibly generous rewards system for there customers known as “The Ambassador Program”! This allows there customers a huge discount of there already well priced collection. 

They will then will help you to build your own instagram account by giving you a shoutout to there mega audience in which you, the customer now gain free exposure and influencer status!

“Its incredible to see a brand giving back in this way. When I first joined the Pretty Sinners Family, never did I think it would be this possible to love a brand so much! This is a team of girl bosses and I will never forget what this family has done for me. I love you girls.” – Shania Motley. Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Whats clear is that this brand will continue to set the pace for online shopping and you will definitely be seeing a lot more from them. 

You can find out more info about Pretty Sinners Label and there ambassador program using the below links:

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