Portfolio Analysis – Trade Brains Portal’s Most Sought Feature For Investors

Portfolio Analysis – Trade Brains Portal’s Most Sought Feature For Investors

 Portal 2.0, a revamped stock screening platform by Trade Brains has introduced an all-new feature that changes how investors can track stocks in their portfolios. The newer version of the original Portal has a new feature in its belt and it has investors talking.

Portfolio analysis allows investors to track and monitor their investments while screening stocks simultaneously on the same site. While most websites provide a conservative outlook on stock screening, this added feature by Trade Brains packs quite a punch.

When you add a stock to your portfolio on the website, you might expect to see the daily movements. But as you scroll below, you’ll also get custom segments such as the “Top Best Performers”, “Industry Analysis”, but what sticks out the most is the Dividend Payers list. From your own portfolio where you decide to add the stocks, Portal 2.0 tracks the dividends that you are yet to receive/have received.

A candid statement by the CEO, Kritesh Abhishek about Portfolio Analysis said, “ Investing has come a long way from the days of studying hundreds of pages of income statements and balance sheets. Today, investors want a crisp and straightforward solution, especially when we’re talking about the movement of their hard-earned capital. With this new feature, it gives users a better reason to stay and use our product which our team has worked tirelessly to make over the past year.”

With unique features and more surprises on the way, Portal 2.0 is on a path to make investing different. Portfolio analysis is just one of the premium features that Portal offers to users once they sign up. The trade brains app has a 4.6-star rating on Google Play with over 110,000+ registered users.

Alekh Kumar

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