Politician Pravin Mali’s contribution towards enhancement of Medical Infrastructure

Politician Pravin Mali’s contribution towards enhancement of Medical Infrastructure

A wise person once said, “To make a change actions need to be taken, speaking is not enough.”
In this, though time of Covid-19 where the cases creating the new record daily, fear is rising among the people and medical system is crumbling, where many politicians are blaming one another, some are still there who are taking necessary action for the sake of public rather just speaking. One such Politician is Pravin Mali who is well known for his work among the public.

Pravin Mali and his team have recently started a private covid center in Gujrat to help the enhancement of the medical infrastructure. On talking about the same Pravin said, “This is the time where everyone needs to do their part of the job to come out of this situation, what I am doing is my part of job and responsibility towards the public.” Pravin believed that everyone should help one another and says “People should also be aware of their responsibility to follow proper covid norms to break the chain of the covid, then only we can out of this situation quickly. I am sad that many people still not taking this situation seriously.”

Pravin Mali has headed campaigns like the execution of sun-powered rooftops, house to house squander assortment administrations, the establishment of LED street lamps, and has driven the Swacch Bharat Mission. He has likewise planned for yearly blood donation camps. Pravin Mali has been a trustee of Shree Gigaji Mali Vidhya Bihar, Sharda Vidhya Mandir, Shree Gordhanji Gigaji Mali Vidhya Sankuls, and Gujarat State Secretary Youth BJP. Pravin Mali has gotten mainstream in Gujarat because of his broad social work, and he puts stock in improving the existence of residents. He saved 5 crores in an undertaking devoted to limiting the expense of power. His activities are genuinely deserving of reverence.

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