People Travel Worldwide for this Wellness Doctor

People Travel Worldwide for this Wellness Doctor

Dr. Jason Worrall, D.C. is a Passionate Speaker, Healer, Teacher and World Class Chiropractor. He’s unique in that he lives life with a servant mentality – to Give, to Love, to Serve. What’s also unique about him is his patient base – coming from U.A.E., U.K., Saudi Arabia, and all over the U.S. to see him based out of Los Angeles, where he also cares for many A-list celebrities, UFC, NFL, and NBA athletes, in addition to the many living and working in Los Angeles.

It’s a blessing to be known for his bedside manner, as he describes, “It’s as if doctors don’t really care, they’re just going through the motions. I have a high love practice – I attract people from all over the world to receive my services of love.”

Dr. Jason wants you to experience the transformative power of Chiropractic, just like he did. In Dr. Jason’s eyes witnessing his patients transcend pain, suffering or illness is an incredibly rewarding privilege. “Gratitude is my driving force – I wake up grateful for the opportunity to serve, and knowing that someone last night was praying for my help.”

When he was young, Dr. Jason got in a car accident that left him in tremendous pain. To relieve himself of that pain, he started seeing a Chiropractor to help him overcome his painful injuries through the practice. Little did he know, he had just experienced the beginning of his story helping and healing people through chiropractic care.

After receiving regular chiropractic care, Dr. Jason was amazed to discover that the treatment, aside from its physical relief and healing capabilities, also possessed mental healing capabilities. In fact, the chiropractic care helped him overcome mental trauma he had experienced through life and even contributed to his mental wellness. It caused him to reassess many of his personal habits such as poor eating (junk food) and taking recreational drugs. “I started becoming more in touch with my body, wondering – what am I doing to myself? Not only was my pain gone but my decision-making, focus and mental-clarity were becoming more aligned with the person that I really wanted to be.”

Throughout his career, Dr Jason l has helped thousands of people recover from physical and mental trauma and see the bright side of the world again – all through specific, scientific Chiropractic care. He has amassed over a million subscribers on YouTube ( by delivering high quality Chiropractic adjustments and his notably professional bedside manner. “My mother always taught me – treat everyone with love and respect, so that’s what I do.” He currently runs a family wellness clinic, providing his patients with years of invaluable chiropractic experience.

When he is not treating patients, Dr. Jason utilizes that time to further his mind and stay up to date with the latest scientific developments utilizing the most researched technique in Chiropractic – Chiropractic Biophysics – to provide his patients with the best of care. He also enjoys hosting seminars for Chiropractic students and doctors – to share the knowledge he accumulated over the years about Chiropractic care and its benefits, as well as the art of adjusting and rehab. When speaking to Dr. Jason, it’s easy to see why people from all over the world travel to see him – he helps people suffering around the world to receive the care they require, as well as inspire his patients and young doctors to perform at high levels.

Dr. Jason highlyregards personal development, personal health and believes that through specific scientific Chiropractic care, we can all start healing together. He brands his thinking #360success – the idea that you can have it all – health, happiness, love and success; in his words “what all people truly want but many settles for just one or two.” When he’s not in the office, he’s spending time with his beautiful wife of 13 years and his 3 children, Victoria, Jayla and Jack.

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