Parul Uppal shares her vision on changing education system

Parul Uppal shares her vision on changing education system

Nearly everything about our lives has grown in the past couple of generations, much of it with rocket speed. The marketplace has gone global and is now entirely dependent on digital technologies, contributing much of our parents’ world antiquated.

We can all remember when several Indian villages were so remote that it took weeks to contact them. Now with technology, we can connect to anyone with one click. If you go back a few years, no big names were there in the digital world, now social media platforms and learning apps guide youth to grow faster and communicate with people worldwide.

The mobility produced by this tech-dominated global economy has changed countries’ faces, including India. When everything is changing in our lives, then why not education says, Parul Uppal.

To introduce you to this critical topic Parul Uppal is a former News Anchor and has worked for channels like Aajtak, India today, etc. She is a 21st-century powerful Indian woman who dares to dream big and change lives by providing the right education to India’s kids.

Parul Uppal feels our education system follows the same old method, which now needs to be changed. A notable change will help children learn how to fight against today’s competitive world and make a place for themselves. This eternal education format needs a significant change for better India says, Uppal.

Coming from Chennai, a place where education is given top priority, she feels we can do much more in our teaching and give wings to our dreams. She started her dream project called Inkclick. She has achieved a lot of fame in the past few years due to her strong anchoring skills and ed-tech enthusiasm.

Parul Uppal now wants to see kids learn at anytime, anyplace, and at affordable prices. There is a need to think about giving education at an affordable price. Middle-class families and low-income families can get quality education and get into top global universities.

With her keen interest in mass communication, she has collaborated with several Indian and international institutes like the National Institute of mass communication & Journalism and the NRAI school of mass communication to spread journalism and anchoring knowledge. Also, to support her cause for reducing the concept of yellow journalism.

The vision of changing education came to her mind while her exposure to it across India. She believes in executing things, not taking an example. She started an online learning and networking platform called Inkclick to help students, teachers, and parents learn from global teachers at low rates and network with their peers and industry professionals.

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