Parkitect Launches Both 1.5 Along With Offering New DLC Called ‘Taste of Adventure’

Parkitect Launches Both 1.5 Along With Offering New DLC Called ‘Taste of Adventure’

Parkitect is one of the cute isometric 3D theme park simulators which were released in late November 2018. It further finds itself along the veins of the classic hit Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 and Planet Coaster. Both of these have merits and nuances. Parkitect features lesser micromanaging theme enhancing parts of coasters, and more resource management for the stores and shops.

Behind the scenes routing resources to the several parks and keeping the staff areas from the public eye are smaller yet important parts for building the dream theme park in Parkitect. There are other elements that are not found in the other current theme based park simulators.

Some of the fans of the genre noted that the said game does not have functionality to auto complete in progress custom coasters. It makes them finishing them a little headache if you are off a tile when all has been done and said. In direct comparison to Planet Coaster, parks seem to be lesser crowded and popularity even when the metrics argue otherwise.

Planet Coaster already has multiple DLC’s. This is Parkitect’s first foray in to the world of additional content. It appears to be a solid journey.

Parkitect – Taste of Adventure brings about a cute and adorable Candy Land based theme. It replete with fondue fountains, gumdrop towers, cotton candy trees, and pink tiered cakelike castles. Including the Candy Land there are four new types of coasters you can build, with spinning coaster, vertical spinning coaster, inverting spinning coaster, and inverted wooden coaster.

Moreover, Parkitect – Taste of Adventure has adventure theme parts unlocked. It includes hosting Egyptian like arches, dazzling columns, and golden decor. The latest DLC pack frankly seems to contain other candy like props with few props fitting an adventure theme reminiscent of the Indiana Jones.

Considering DLC to be first, Parkitect has a strong showing. A primary complaint against the Planet Coaster was that it did not hold variety of objects. DLC came earlier and typically does not hold as much as one would like. Parkitect has exceeded in this regards.

Along with the the first DLC, Parkitect developers has updated the version of the game 1.5. It brings in a host of new additions completely free of cost. Smaller additions being able to customize the color of water, randomizing the color palettes and interlocked with design options.

New marketing campaigns enable you to offer park entry free of cost or free ride vouchers enticing the population to visit the empire that is full of fun. You can now see custom images being offered along with a support for the signs.

Finally, the staff can now have areas of responsibility, enabling one to ensure certain high traffic areas stay as pristine as one might have envisioned.

To conclude the decision, the first DLC Parkitect has knocked it out of the theme park. Parkitect Launches Both 1.5 Along With Offering New DLC Called ‘Taste of Adventure’ is one of its own kinds. The gamers are interested to see what is actually in the store for the simulations.

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