Only those who rise from the fall can walk on the ladder of success – Piyush Prakash

Only those who rise from the fall can walk on the ladder of success – Piyush Prakash

By Utkarsh Piyush

As we all know,Bihar is known to have tons of young aspirants willing to do something big and achieve success through general competition in UPSC, Banking, Railway or any government services. Piyush, of course, being one of them. Who knew that a boy frrom Patna where so many people are trying in government sectors but he started his company along with his friends. In such a short span of time,his company achieve so many milestones and still doing great.

Piyush Prakash is a BCA Graduate turned digital marketer who is also the CTO & Head Of Operations of FNF MEDIA – An Influencer Marketing Agency.

When you make the most of the little opportunities, it is not before long that the major ones knock on your door. Today Piyush is a well-regarded name in the world of digital marketing platform. Not just that, he has even worked as a campaign strategist with renowned brands.
Isn’t it inspiring that a young boy from Patna changed the entire game of digital marketing? Today he not only rules the heart of his client sitting in any part of world but also has established himself as a source of motivation for all the young tech savvy generation. He continues to leave his footprints in his field and plans to grow stronger and smarter with time.

The major lesson to be learnt from Piyush’s story is that no matter how insurmountable the odds appear, with consistency and determination, one can get over them, and achieve the desired success.

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