OnePlus 12 June 2024 Update: Bug Fixes, Animation Improvements, And Security Patch

OnePlus 12 June 2024 Update: Bug Fixes, Animation Improvements, And Security Patch

For its OnePlus 12 smartphone, OnePlus released OxygenOS, a significant update, last month. Many bug fixes, quality-of-life enhancements, and new features were included in this release. With OxygenOS, the business has recently released another major update that improves the security to June 2024 level, addresses a few bugs, and refines the animations and touch controls considerably.

Currently, only Indian customers are receiving the update, which is for firmware version CPH2573_14.0.0.810(EX01). It is 1.06 GB in total size.

Changelog for the OnePlus 12 OxygenOS update:

Touch-screen interface

  • You may now tap the app icons on the Home screen more quickly.
  • enhances the responsiveness of touch control when launching and shutting apps.
  • enhances the animations when switching between apps.
  • incorporates a transitional animation for the Quick Settings pulldown.
  • enhances the Home screen’s animations while dragging app icons.

Updated animation

  • When accessing and closing app icons on the Home screen, the addition of Gaussian blur effects is made.
  • adds a transitional animation to the Home screen widget opening and closing.
  • incorporates a screen-off transition animation for clock widgets.
  • enhances the appearance of widgets on the home screen.


  • increases the stability of games.
  • resolves a potential bug that could cause the screen to go dark when playing a game.


  • Now, when you create the Lock screen pattern to unlock your device, you have the option to hide the track.
  • Fluid Cloud now allows the display of music controls.
  • resolves a potential conflict between the Quick Settings volume slider and the volume slider that appears when the physical volume button is pressed.
  • incorporates the Android security patch from June 2024 to improve system security.

There will be a gradual rollout of the OTA update. It will be available to a limited number of customers at first, then in a few days it will be rolled out more widely. By going to Settings > About Device > OxygenOS > Check for Update, users can manually check for updates.

Sanchita Patil

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