One man has made it in life out of nowhere – from being penniless to running a successful business, he has seen all

One man has made it in life out of nowhere – from being penniless to running a successful business, he has seen all

There are some stories which are inspirational and Kye Sheehan’s is one such, which truly motivates all.

Kye Sheehan today is the CE0 of Australia’s  mobile app development company – The App Mentors. Once a homeless man and now a successful entrepreneur, we wonder how he attained success and growth in such a short time. Read on to know how..

Kye says “I have had a very tough life earlier; at 17 I was homeless, spending sleepless nights under Tom Ugly’s bridge in Sydney without food and money to survive. Those were the most trying times in my life and I even had to sell my phone to arrange for three square meals”. Having faced such struggles at a young age made him more resilient and he went ahead to somehow start his own construction company which didn’t sustain for long and he had to sell it off after two years of being in business and look for other avenues.

“The digital world has seen growth in the past few years and I felt this was the right field to start a fresh and I started working on developing my new business on those lines” states Kye. He started his mobile app development company The App Mentors’ in Gold Coast  and has never looked back since. The growth of the company has been tremenderous, and Kye today employs a strong employee base .I have seen it all, spent nights without a shelter and now owning a successful business which even has my parents working for me. I had started without any support, financial or otherwise, faced a lot of setbacks and failures, many sleepless nights and hard work has got me here and I just want to help as many as I can, inspire them, and change their lives for good” says Kye.

The biggest success he has accomplished is through his app called ‘MiService’, which is used by 31 universities in Australia and is forecasted to be launched in each and every university spread across Australia by 2021. “I have made my life secure and now want to give it back to the society through all my resources”. Here’s wishing all the best to Kye in his future endeavours. You can connect to Kye on instagram

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