Omil And Shivam, Two Brothers Dominating IG : Young Entrepreneurs From India

Omil And Shivam, Two Brothers Dominating IG : Young Entrepreneurs From India

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do”. This quote exactly suits two brothers who are handling Instagram pages and are considered role models to many young entrepreneurs.

Two young brothers, Shivam Agarwal, age of 19, and  Omil Agarwal, age of 18 are creating a record on social media with their unique content on Instagram. They are handling the main page in Instagram titled “@theunseenfact” which provides the information relating to general knowledge which also includes daily national or international newsgeneral facts which are not known to most people, inspirational thoughts, and beauty tips. And they are handling 500k+ Instagram networks on Instagram and also they have 1m+ connections on Instagram . They had been always persons of self-sustainable and always wanted to generate their source of income rather than becoming a load to his parents.

 Moreover, the potential reach of social media platforms has grown substantially this year increasing by 85 million people in just the last quarter, so they started teaching the clients on the topics relating to, how to grow on Instagram both locally and internationally and handling many pages on Instagram and also handling many pages promotion, they also worked as promo managers. Because of their teaching, many of the sellers in Instagram had started earning and some of them had settled in their life because of the guidance given by these two brothers. As the internet era was developing they are also working on the new concepts like NFT and Metaverse and their NFT collection was named as @cryptoopunk on .

Even having such an ample number of achievements at such a young age, they are very humble persons who always treated their team as a family. Even with such a busy schedule, they still somehow manage time to interact with people and always says, that it’s the interaction with people that gives them new ideas and new strategies. These two brothers believe in unity as their strength to grow in life and moreover they consider nothing is impossible unless there is no enough hardwork and dedication. This determination led then to achieve high goals in small age.

On their Instagram page, they will conduct quiz programs and provides gifts to the winners based on daily news they encourage their followers to take environmental protection initiatives and they also provide wallpaper services. They will also post the content relating to social awareness and what everyone in society has to think about. This explains their level of maturity at this small age. These two brothers believe that the never quitting attitude will make people reach the heights and a day being not favoring to you doesn’t mean you are having bad days.

They say that taking a risk is a part of success and everyone has to dream for success and without doing anything and by just dreaming one can’t expect success in life.

Derek Robins

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