Humza Lokhandwala now thrives and not just survive 

Humza Lokhandwala now thrives and not just survive 

Growth is important. There will be bad times but knowing how to make your way marks the onset of that growth. Nobody says that the growth is supposed to be quick. This can be as gradual as one can take it. Mr. Lokhandwala, a man from Surat, India has seen severe downtimes before being on the crest of the wave. He tried to work around his luck and determination by entering into various fields. He tried and tested jewellery market, yoga, fashion influencing, assisting in bio gas plant, selling t-shirts online and also tried affiliate marketing. Sadly, none of these fields worked well. 

These were the times where he was struggling to have a secure feeling in his life. It was getting difficult to fund himself well. He has seen days where his day and night all seemed bland and colourless. He had to carry the burden of paying off the debt while still staying under parent’s roof and this was because he hardly had any concrete source of income. Society also started to discourage him seeing his continuous failures. It was tormenting for him to go ahead with the same zeal and enthusiasm as he had in the beginning. The question now came to his survival. He had borrowed money from his parents and was also under debts. The pressure of needing money in hand and not having a stable source of income shook him badly. Humza Lokhandwala didn’t want to go back to his family business nor did he feel like borrowing anymore from them. What could he do? Where could he go? He had no choice but to face severe debts. 

But it’s said that there is delay in God’s house but not darkness. After facing all these adversities, Humza Lokhandwala finally met his ideal field. He found solace finally in online marketing where he worked diligently hard and won the trust of his clients. This was the time where he finally started enjoying the colourful taste of his life. It took time but it was giving him back the fruits of all the efforts he had reaped. He no longer had to depend on someone to source out money. 

On an emotional level, he changed from being in surviving mode to thriving mode. His life dynamically changed from being worried where to pay for the cc debt to thinking about investments. Now rather than caring about what society thinks of him, he started to care about people who he genuinely cared for. Initially being the source of disbelief by parents, family & society to being the source of inspiration by those same people, he knew he had come a long way. Humza Lokhandwala encountered a bumpy road but he didn’t take a U -turn. He faced the hardships with all his might. We wish him best of luck for more success that is waiting for him. 

Derek Robins

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