Olivia Molina Avellaneda will Present a Law Suit Against Airbnb Company for Supporting Racism

Olivia Molina Avellaneda will Present a Law Suit Against Airbnb Company for Supporting Racism

The famous model and actress Olivia Molina just suffered a hate crime against her involving the company AIRBNB. She rented a place in Beverly for a month but she had to leave in a rush after facing hate speech and hate text messages from her landlord.

Olivia says that since a week before arriving at the property he was rude to her and even asked her to cancel the reservation because she was asking too many questions about the place.

She didn’t cancel it as Airbnb was not gonna refund her if she did that.

“I asked him what was the size of the property and where was located exactly and he said to me; “why don’t you just cancel if you have so many doubts”, of course, I didn’t cancel and didn’t reply to that “.

Arriving at the place Olivia texted him saying that the place was very nice and even asked if it was available for an extra month, the landlord came by to fix the door that was not closing and he saw Olivia’s service dog (a Yorkshire) and didn’t mention anything about it.

Four days after being in the property, Olivia received a text from the landlord saying that her dog was not allowed. She said to him that there was no problem, she could leave the property the next day if she gets a refund, the landlord asked her to show him the health certificate of the dog and she did even shown the service dog certificate.

The landlord said that dogs were not allowed again and he was not gonna take the papers she provided, once again she said she would leave no problem after getting a refund as he saw the dog from day 1 and didn’t mention anything, plus he is a service dog and before booking she mentioned she had a dog to him. In the end the landlord said he would keep honoring the booking as it is because he didn’t want to give a refund.

10 days after Olivia receives a call from the landlord yelling at her telling her he was tired of her with terrible misconduct and bad behavior to Olivia Molina, being a pregnant woman.

Next to that she receives a text asking him to tell her housekeeper to move the car followed by several insults.

Olivia recently lost her husband that suffered a tragic death and she is 5 months pregnant, due to COVID-19 she couldn’t go back to her country since the borders are closed so she had to buy a business in the United States to be able to stay legally with an E-2 visa (investors visa). After suffering all these hate comments she felt like crying nonstop and her chest was in pain so she went to see her private doctor make sure the pregnancy was fine.

Meanwhile, Olivia tried to contact Airbnb by calling and emailing but no answer whatsoever that could actually help her. She is asking for a refund and an apology of the landlord and Airbnb it’s doing nothing about it.

Olivia believes this is racism and discrimination for her being Latina as she did nothing to this man to piss him off like that. Now Olivia booked a room in the Waldorf Astoria and is staying there until her long rental house it’s being furnished.

Olivia was born on June 16 of 1989 in Recoleta Buenos Aires Argentina, she never did drugs and doesn’t even drink alcohol.

After asking for a refund and leaving the place anyways the landlord told her that not only she was not gonna get a refund but also his family was gonna stay there for the rest of her rental since she left

Now everything made sense for Olivia, she was being constantly attacked by this man because he needed the place for the family to stay but at the same time, he wanted the money.

Olivia tried to explain the man that even if she left to a hotel that place belongs to her till august 3rd so nobody it’s allowed to live there , she got more insults from this man in result . This man not also is telling her that she is a crack addict , but also beating her emotionally with a long list of insults, telling as well that nobody loves her , that she is a liar and a terrible person and she is getting life threats over phone calls.

Olivia decided to leave the property to take care of her pregnancy which has been affected by all the psychological abuse received from this Airbnb host, according to Olivia Molina her experience is plenty considered abuse based on racism, due to these traumatic experiences she has been through during her stay at the Airbnb place she rented. Olivia is expecting Airbnb to pronounce over this astonishing situation.

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