Of Multiverses, Otherworlds, and Secret Dimensions

Of Multiverses, Otherworlds, and Secret Dimensions

Compared to the universe, the Earth is nothing more than a speck of dust floating through never-ending space. Though our planet may be big enough to harbor 7 billion people, our imagination is confined to what meets the eye. The farthest we can see is the “observable” universe, emphasis on the keyword here!

Which makes you wonder, what else is out there? Is there a place in existence that challenges the fundamentals of the world and science we have tried to construct over the years?

The concept of multiple dimensions is a hot topic among all those minds this thought has crossed. It has been discussed in various fields of physics, mathematics, and philosophy.

Let’s take an interstellar trip to determine whether these dimensions exist.


The human mind is trying to find the answer to some hard-hitting questions about our universe. As a result, through inventions, we have been able to look far back millions of years. However, we might just have also figured out the existence of multiple dimensions. The string theory and other quantum gravity theories suggest there are extra spatial dimensions beyond the ones we already know.

In fact, the universe might have 10 or 11 dimensions, most of them wrapped up or compactified, invisible to our understanding.

We’ll have to take a trip back to math class to give you a brief idea of the dimensions. The issue is that we exist in a two-dimensional world and space and will only perceive the world within the parameters set by that same two-dimensional world. The best we can do is see three dimensions – in everything we know and do.

But it doesn’t stop at three. There are others that, indeed, exist.

Similarly, the Multiverse theory, though highly philosophical and not at all proven, suggests that the infinite universe we know isn’t the only one in existence either. Some multiple universes and realities exist in higher dimensions, parallel or different regions of space.

Living With the Knowledge

We are still yet to fully understand the answers to these burning questions that will help us explain our existence. But to think about what’s out there and the what-ifs surrounding the speculation is quite fascinating.

Who knows, one of these days, we might just see someone access these dimensions and open the door to an entirely new world.

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