Nextdoor Opens a Self-Service Portal for Content APIs and Advertising

Nextdoor Opens a Self-Service Portal for Content APIs and Advertising

local network Organizations can now use Nextdoor’s self-service portal to access its application programming interface (API) options and establish connections with prospective clients.

The company said in a news statement on Friday, December 8, that the new Nextdoor Developer Site is made for developers, small businesses, brands, and enterprises and provides them with access to APIs that are concentrated on content and advertising.

“With our APIs, partners have the opportunity to serve locally relevant content to a highly engaged audience, as well as measure the results of their efforts,” Heidi Andersen, chief revenue and marketing officer at Nextdoor, said in the release. “We’re excited to continue to expand our API solutions and connect partners with the people, communities and customers that matter to them.”

According to the news release, one of Nextdoor’s products, the Campaign Management and Conversion API (CAPI), gives companies complete visibility into both online and offline conversions so they can more accurately calculate the return on investment (ROI) of their Nextdoor media campaigns.

According to the announcement, two more technologies assist businesses in expanding their audience. GoFundMe users may raise awareness of neighborhood issues on Nextdoor with the help of the Share Plugin, and public agency clients can schedule, share, and geotarget their articles using Publish AI.

According to the announcement, businesses can now access and offer Nextdoor material to their audience by using the Display material API, a fourth product that is available on the new self-service portal. This content includes posts, chats, events, and marketplace listings.

“As the neighborhood network, Nextdoor is where millions of verified neighbors, small businesses and public agencies gather to discuss local information, exchange goods and services, and build community,” the press release said. “Through the suite of Advertising and Content APIs on the Developer Site, partners can harness Nextdoor’s distinct local network to reach and activate neighbors (…).”

According to PYMNTS Intelligence, social media is still a useful tool for businesses and other entities to reach out to prospective clients.

According to the “ConnectedEconomyTM Monthly Report: The Love and Social Media Edition,” as of March, the average percentage of consumers engaging in social media activities was 63%, and this percentage has been above 60% for more than a full year.


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