Next year, the Apple Watch might reach its peak as the iPhone X thanks to its thinner design, magnetic bands, and new health features

Next year, the Apple Watch might reach its peak as the iPhone X thanks to its thinner design, magnetic bands, and new health features

With the September launch of the iPhone 15 series, Apple offered minimal updates to the wearable Apple Watch Series 9. The new S9 chip is by far the most noticeable addition. The outward design and form factor of the semiconductor have not altered, despite the chip being a significant upgrade over the previous iteration. A recent story claims that Apple intends to revamp the Apple Watch in 2024, maybe to commemorate the device’s tenth anniversary.

Apple to redesign the Apple Watch in 2024 with a thinner chassis and new health features

The Apple Watch is a capable companion for your iPhone, and the 2024 model is the company’s attempt to improve upon it. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple intends to completely redesigned the Apple Watch by 2024, as stated in his most recent edition of the Power On newsletter. The analyst predicts that at least one Apple Watch model will have a redesign for the next year.

We believe Apple is attempting to improve the Apple Watch standard version, as the company recently released the Apple Watch Ultra. The Apple Watch will celebrate its tenth anniversary next year, and the corporation may decide to redesign it in line with its success. In 2017, Apple celebrated the tenth anniversary of the iPhone with the release of the newly redesigned iPhone X. From now on, the business might provide something akin to the Apple Watch in 2024.

Although there are little specifics available, the redesigned Apple Watch in 2024 might have a smaller physical factor. In addition, Apple might replace the existing slide-and-lock mechanism with a magnetic one that would attach the bands. Although an outward makeover is on the horizon, additional health-related features may be housed in the Apple Watch Series 10, often known as the “Apple Watch X.” According to Gurman, the majority of individuals are affected by hypertension and sleep apnea, which will be detected by the Apple Watch next year.

The business may use algorithms made to measure hypertension and wrist-worn blood pressure monitors to make it happen. Regarding sleep apnea, breathing patterns and sleep metrics may be used to measure it. The upgraded Apple Watch will still be distinguished by its revamped chassis and updated display, even with the addition of new health-related capabilities that will be much appreciated.

In addition, Apple is developing micro-LED screens, which will be unveiled in 2025 or 2026 alongside the Apple Watch Ultra. It is reasonable to assume that Apple will redesign the Apple Watch Ultra within the same period. Gurman’s source also notes that a new ‘Capture Button’ with dedicated camera functionality will be available on the whole iPhone 16 series.


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