New Trend of Underwater Cleaning Robot, Solution Analysis of CNLINKO’s Waterproof connectors

New Trend of Underwater Cleaning Robot, Solution Analysis of CNLINKO’s Waterproof connectors

SHENZHEN, CHINA – Underwater cleaning robots are intelligent devices used for underwater cleaning. The unique water environment necessitates reliable waterproof connectors for their safe and efficient operation. CNLINKO’s 3-pole power connectors facilitate power transmission and connections in these robots.

The characteristics and advantages of YM series screw-locking power connectors

1.lock screw models, wiring faster and more convenient

For underwater cleaning robots, the connector using locking screw wiring is very fast and convenient, whether it is installed or disassembled, can do fast mounting and dismounting.

2.High waterproof to meet the requirements of underwater operation

CNLINKO’s industrial connectors come standard with IP65/IP67 waterproofing, and the highest IP68 waterproofing level can be provided to meet the waterproofing requirements of connectors in swimming pools and other scenarios served by underwater cleaning robots.

3.Corrosion resistance, fearless of underwater corrosive factors

YM series Circular connectors in the shell, the use of high-quality outdoor engineering plastic as the material of the full plastic shell,with strong corrosion resistance.


Shenzhen Linko Electric Co.,ltd  is a high-tech enterprise that integrates the research and development, production, sales, and service of industrial connectors. Its technical strength is strong, with nearly 100 patented technologies. Its products have approved UL certification in North America, TUV certification in the European Union, CQC certification in China, and comply with RoHS, REACH, CE and other standards. and it is a popular industrial connector brand in 180 countries and regions worldwide. For further information about CNLINKO:

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