New iPad Pro and Air Models have Improved Features Related to Battery Life

New iPad Pro and Air Models have Improved Features Related to Battery Life

The iPad Pro and iPad Air, which were released by Apple lately, have an enhanced Battery Health menu.
This new option, which allows users to limit their device’s charge to 80%, is similar to the settings provided on the iPhone 15, according to MacRumors.
This creative solution aims to increase the battery’s useful life.
Users may potentially increase the longevity of their iPad’s battery by reducing wear and tear and restricting the device’s maximum charge level.

Getting to the iPad’s New Battery Health Menu

On the iPad, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health to view the new Battery Health menu.
This section contains comprehensive battery information, such as the number of charge cycles, the battery’s production date, and the battery’s initial charging date.
Nevertheless, previous iPad models are incompatible with this feature, which is only available with iPadOS 17.5.

iPads Now have Improved Battery Charging for MacBooks

Optimized Battery Charging is a comparable function that MacBook owners have enjoyed for years.
This function, which limits the charge to 80%, guards against overcharging and is especially helpful for people who leave their computers plugged in at their desks.
Users of iPads can now extend the life of their batteries by preventing their devices from charging past 80% according to a new update.

Sanchita Patil

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