Nashali Guzman – A known name in the world of modelling, entrepreneurship and real estate

Nashali Guzman – A known name in the world of modelling, entrepreneurship and real estate

She is amongst the few women go-getters who has been able to carve her own distinct niche in different areas of work.

We have had many fine examples of women achievers around us who have worked hard and embraced success at an early stage of their lives. These powerhouses have been able to do a lot than many of us out there, despite all the challenges and tough times that have cropped up against them from time to time. Nashali Mynette Guzman is one such name who has done exceedingly well in her professional career, managing distinct areas of work with much success, despite all the odds that have been a part of her life till now. All of 22 and raring to go, this Puerto Rican fashion model, entrepreneur & real estate investor stands tall amongst all owing to her self belief and confidence which has made her tide through the rough weather and emerge a winner in not one but distinctive areas of work with outstanding success.

Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and raised in Orlando, Florida, she as a child was always interested in gymnastics and cheerleading. However, while growing up her priorities changed and after high school she saw herself getting prepared to join the United States Army, which she joined and served for 4 long years. After leaving her army job, with a lot of spare time in hand, she started exploring the world of social smedia and eventually ended up being an influencer, and a successful one at that.

Today, she has made her mark around the digital space and has a massive following, which proves a lot about her success. Her fame has got her many plum assignments from known brands like Fashionnova and Pretty Little Thing.

Having established herself well as a social media influencer and an entrepreneur managing her real estate business, Nashali has plans to settle down and is currently engaged to NFL player Avery Williamson, with whom she shares a child too. One can see her in numerous music videos of Latin superstars like Lunay, Anuel and Ozuna to name a few. She says that her focus is on expanding her reach, and she is trying to figure out more opportunities that would push her on an expansion mode in distinct areas.

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