Nadcab Technology:-Building Blockchain for A Safe and Sustainable Environment

Nadcab Technology:-Building Blockchain for A Safe and Sustainable Environment

It is hard to overlook the role that Blockchain technology will play in achieving more safe and sustainable environment. NADCAB’s Blockchain technology can be used for sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain practices. The technology that NADCAB is developing can track products from the manufacturer and help prevent inefficiency and waste by making supply chains transparent. Blockchain is a powerful tool that can significantly improve the traceability, accountability and transparency of greenhouse gas emissions. It helps companies provide more accurate, reliable, standardised, and readily available data on carbon emissions.

Blockchain technology can indeed facilitate new means of green production, the real-time collection and analysis of green or low carbon data for timely decision making. The monitoring and storage of data-related activities responsible for pollution and environmental degradation. In battle against climate crisis we cannot overlook the blockchain technology. As the world increasingly looks at using digital technology to accelerate action on issues such as climate change, blockchain is pushing to the forefront.

According to Naman Singh, CEO of Nadcab Technology, “Blockchain is a digitally distributed, decentralized ledger that helps to verify and trace multistep transactions. It is finding uses in everything from tracking the sustainability of products to the real-time monitoring of pollution. Blockchain is still in its infancy and given the potential negative environmental impact, the technology itself needs to evolve to foster environmental sustainability at scale. Driving the infiltration of blockchain and relevant promising technologies will require improving digital infrastructure, including expanding access to affordable broadband internet and smart devices and we at NADCAB is working to achieve the same with our team in coming years.

There are several ways that Blockchain can help our Environment, we can look at some of them here in order to have a better understanding of this,

  • Supply Chain- It transparently tracks products from origin to store shelf which reduces carbon footprint and unsustainable practices.
  • Recycling- Encourage recycling by providing tokenized reward track and evaluate efficacy of recycling programs.
  • Energy- It can increase efficiency with P2P electrical grids that will reduce blackouts in areas with poverty or natural disasters.
  • Environmental Treaties- Track real impact and compliance of environmental treaties decrease fraud and manipulation.
  • Non-Profits- Track where donations are going will decrease inefficiency and bureaucracy in charities.
  • Carbon Tax- Calculate tax for products based on carbon footprint create a reputation system for companies based on emissions.

Mr Wajid Khan, Managing Director, Nadcab Technology, further enlightens about the company’s part in achieving a safe and sustainable environment culture. He says, a sustainably managed environment is an obligation for socio-economic development and poverty reduction. The natural environment supplies ecosystem goods and services that provide income, support job creation, poverty alleviation and so on. Constructing new greener infrastructures and reconfiguring existing infrastructure systems can greatly contribute to the reduction of environmental impacts the increase of efficiency in the use of natural resources.

Even though blockchain is well known for the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, we at NADCAB are now finding its use in solving the climate crisis, ranging from tracking the sustainability of products to monitoring pollution. Blockchain is for a sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain. DLT technology is ideal for tracking products from the manufacturer and helps prevent inefficiency and waste by making supply chains transparent. The DLT technology also allows consumers to be better informed of how the products were made and shipped. This will enable them to make environmentally friendly choices.

We at NADCAB Technology are working towards achieving what can be done for maintaining a safe, healthy and sustainable environment, considering all the risks and rewards coming with it. Nadcab Technology can impact businesses significantly bringing a tremendous efficiency increase in the production process to offering real-time monitoring/track ability to a new model for transaction management. The blockchain service provider can give you the jump-start you need for your business.

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