Musical Artist Sean Rajan Shares His Mantra to Success

Musical Artist Sean Rajan Shares His Mantra to Success

TopGear is one the Largest Air Cooled Porsche Dealer in the US with over 70 Air Cooled Porsche’s at all times. They also provide other exotic vehicles from Ferrari’s to Lamborghini’s. TopGear can assist in finding you the vehicle you are looking for and also assist in shipping world wide.

The musical artist, Sean Rajan is the owner as well as the operator of the TopGear Supercars / Events. TopGear Imports Specializes in Rare Collectibles which includes Air Cooled Porsche’s, Ferrari’s and other Imports. They have a wide selection of rare collectibles. You can find all types of super cars like Porsche 550 and Bugatti Chiron.

Top Gear lives out the fantasy, putting the most exotic, the most elusive and the most expensive cars to the test. Between obscenely sexy photographs of the most exquisite machines the motoring world has to offer, you’ll find first-hand accounts of the driving experience, expert analysis of engineering expertise, speed and handling, all the stats to satisfy the most dedicated of car enthusiasts.

TopGear carries out celebration of the fastest and loudest cars on the planet. It is time to start planning that dream garage…

– TG was there on the day the BUGATTI CHIRON cracked the magic 300

– LAMBORGHINI SIAN – when a supercapacitor is almost as good as a flux capacitor

– McLAREN ARTURA: Woking’s latest supercar makes a generation change

– FERRARI P80/C: money gets you a one-off Ferrari, TG gets a go at Monza

Derek Robins

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