Music Executive Ivan Albery Powell Explains New Era

Music Executive Ivan Albery Powell Explains New Era

Ivan Albery Powell is a music executive originally from London, UK. Albery Powell currently lives in Toronto, Ontario where he is the CEO of GMA – Great Music Agency.

GMA is a well known canadian management and booking company. Albery Powell has worked with many different artists in Canada and the US.

In a recent interview he explained how artists are transitioning in this new era of music. Obviously artists had already entered the digital era but the current global situation has even brought live shows online.

Ivan Albery Powell explained that Twitch and Instagram Live are being used by artists to connect to their fans. Performing live will be restricted in many counties for the moment.

NFT’s are another interesting new digital product that has popped up recently. Albery Powell explains that they are a good way for artists to sell directly to consumers.

The NFT’s are backed by Blockchain, the same technology behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Albery Powell does caution that the NFT’S may not hold their value over time.

The more artists continue to evolve and adapt to the new digital word, the better chance they have to reach new fans worldwide. New breakthrough artists have utilized platforms like Instagram to get the edge on older not to tech savvy artists.

The age of Spotify playlists and YouTube videos has made success on local radio stations less important. It’s one for artists to realize that the current music industry is always evolving. Old outlets like TV and Radio become less and less important and fans consume more music via the internet.

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