Know How Investments Can Change Your Financial Status For The Better With Prathap David Sandai

Know How Investments Can Change Your Financial Status For The Better With Prathap David Sandai

A lot of people do not realise the importance of failure, considering them as only the bad aspects of life which pull us down. Prathap David Sandai would beg to differ. Beginning from the age of 12, he has probably seen a number of failed business enterprises that he tried to launch all by himself but created a lot of trouble in his financial life, ultimately bringing him up on the best ideas. He did not fail, he learned other methods about how not to earn money. Currently he is a medical student, soon to graduate from Monash University Malaysia. Coming from a family of doctors, he had to establish himself as a successful medical students too in the present times. Apart from this, Sandai has owned a total of three successful companies that have become quite renowned.

After trying it all, be it affiliate marketing, drop shipping or MLM, Prathap David Sandai recognized his true calling. Landing up to a successful company was not easy, it took him a number of lessons and YouTube videos and a lot of research knowledge. Black Wolf Clothing was born out of all this, Sandai managed to partner along with Isarbdnbhd ( well known YouTuber’s brand in Malaysia). Although this was his fifth establishment, very soon all the rough edges were smoothed out as the retail designer clothing company set off completely. Since then, he has worked along with a number of influencers, entrepreneurs and businessmen, imparting knowledge and learning from them as well.  

The first step to being successful is planning a definite path. This helps an entrepreneur in recognising their strengths and weaknesses and working on specific aspects which correspond to their future plans. Prathap David Sandai had an aim- to make a billion by the time he was 30. His classes in finance, macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, accounts and statistics made him believe that he can totally achieve his goals due to his potential, because numbers dont lie. He has planned an intricate investing plan which he personally believes everyone should do unless they love loosing money.

I bet a lot of you are aware of Harappan Ltd.! It is an equity holding company, offering what most other financial institutions do not. This can be proven with the help of Sandai’s annual ROI which is 135% for the year 2020. Indeed, one must make sure that they are investing in good companies that guarantee higher returns. gambling away money and investing in bitcoins and GameStop is not going to get them anywhere. His assets increased more than threefold, reaching a very close million mark just at the age of 20. Now, how impressive is that? Besides increasing his own profits, he has also helped out a couple of investors to gain from this in the previous year. He had a 220k in revenue from there 201k was pure profit, that’s a LOT of money! One might be wondering, how come the taxes do not effect the earnings? This is because they are in Malaysia, a literal tax heaven. Moreover, they also pay investors through dividends which cannot be taxed provided they are residents of Malaysia. Practically speaking, Sandai expects an average of 30% compounding yearly return for capital invested throughout the span of the following 5-10 years.

Prathap David Sandai aims high, bringing forth Harappan Ltd, impacting the world positively. Beginning from a failed business SAIMA, he has certainly come a very long way. It is not alone his passion and beliefs, it is the determination to never give up. Life is going to be a whirlwind full of thunderstorms and challenging situations. you can either get used to it and go head on or get nowhere. What we derive is, one must invest in companies with good fundamentals, that have the ability to scale instead of gambling away money, trading or buying doge coin or GameStop. It simply is not sustainable, since it depends on luck not skill! Make a wise choice like Prathap David Sandai did.

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