Mudit Lunia- an entrepreneur with a heart of gold

Mudit Lunia- an entrepreneur with a heart of gold

Mudit Lunia is a young businessman who is from a well-known family in Surat. He loves to travel but due to the global pandemic, everything has changed. Considered to be quite opulent, Mudit Lunia and his family are in the Textile business.

 Mudit’s fight against the COVID-19 scare:

Mudit had noticed that many people are suffering due to Covid 19, most of them are losing jobs or cannot get a job to support themselves or their family. The graph of the economy is going down gradually.  Watching these people suffer so much has made Munit Lunia take up a very innovative and helpful motive.

Mudit Lunia has begun to help and support the poor and the needy with medicines, food and essential stuff which will help them to survive the pandemic. Currently, he is focused on reaching as many people who are going through bad times, as possible. There are so many millionaires or leaders who promise to help but later on, they don’t even look back at the needs of the public. Mudit Lunia is a totally different person with a big heart made of gold, he has proven to be the bright light in the dark days of the people suffering. He is a man of values who has a mind of helping society till everything is back to normal in this pandemic.

Mudit Lunia is a skilled businessman:

In Gujrat, he is one of the top young businessmen. Mudit Lunia has taken his family business to the next level. Being a businessman, he knows his responsibilities towards his family and society. Recently, Mudit Lunia has been mentioned in Forbes due to his innovative ideas and initiative to help poor people. There is no doubt that Mudit Lunia is going to make more name and be on the top level in the near future.

An inspiration to the present generation:

He has also become a motivation for the youth. He advises one to help the needy people around their surroundings. It doesn’t matter how many people one has helped, even if the number of people being helped is less, it’s a good initiative. By his work, he makes his family as well as all Indians proud.  We need more helpful and kind men and women who are willing to come forward to help others until and unless the world becomes a better place again. Truly, Mudit has proved that age is just a number and anyone can do anything as long as they have a mind for it.

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