Mophie unveiled 3 new wireless iPhones and Apple Watch charging stations

Mophie unveiled 3 new wireless iPhones and Apple Watch charging stations

Mophie is growing its stable of Apple chargers with three new accessories equipped for renewing various gadgets on the double.

With two new contributions for the desk or end table close by a portable force bank, mophie’s most recent can refuel both iPhone and Apple Watch and enter closely following Apple’s occasion prior in the week. Head below for a more intensive gander at the new setup of mophie wireless charging stations, just as for all the subtleties on evaluating and accessibility.

mophie debuts three new iPhone and Apple Watch chargers

Subsequent to delivering some new docks simply a month ago, mophie is back today with another determination of multi-gadget charging stations equipped towards iPhone and Apple Watch proprietors.

Each of the three of the contributions can refuel both of the gadgets with incorporated Qi cushions and charging pucks, just as an assortment of different gadgets.

First up is the most versatile of the bundle, the mophie 3-in-1 wireless charging stand. Conveying a work area arrangement with devoted spots for your iPhone and Apple Watch as well as AirPods.

This charger packs a 7.5W Qi cushion and a 5W alternative for the earbuds, just as a coordinated Apple Watch charging puck. It can at the same time refuel each of the three gadgets and sports a sleek glass plan in either dark or white colorways. This form of mophie’s new iPhone and Apple Watch chargers enters with a $139.95 sticker price.

mophie is likewise delivering a 2-in-1 version of its wireless charging station. You’ll locate a comparable plan to the previously mentioned version with a similar glass interpretations yet without a spot to remotely charge AirPods.

There is an underlying USB-A port around back however, permitting you to module extra gadgets. This mophie offering will run you $99.95 in your decision of dark or white styles.

Ultimately, mobile clients will discover the powerstation across the board to be the additionally compelling alternative from the present mophie unveils. Much the same as both of the at-home chargers, this contribution is intended to refuel different extras going from an iPhone and Apple Watch to AirPods and that’s just the beginning.

Everything is based on a 8,000 mAh battery which sets with a 5W Qi charging cushion, Apple Watch puck, and 18W USB-C PD port. It enters with a $139.95 sticker price and arrives in a black or grey colorway.

Presently accessible for purchase

Each of the three of mophie’s new iPhone and Apple Watch chargers are currently accessible for buy direct from its online storefront.

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