Mohsin Syed a well known fitness trainer – shares strory to live solid way of life

Mohsin Syed a well known fitness trainer – shares strory to live solid way of life

Achieving a fit and chiselled physique is not an overnight process. It requires patience, hard work, dedication and discipline to achieve the goals. While many have a notion that a fit body can be built in a month or two, but it is not the fact. The secret lies in being consistent with time and trusting the process rather than jumping to the results. Among a few reputed fitness trainers, Mohsin Syed has established himself as one of the celebrated names in the industry. According to him, health and fitness are an investment one can make to gain excellent returns.

Based in the city of dreams, Mumbai, Mohsin has been a fitness coach to various celebrities and entrepreneurs. With a successful track record of more than six years, Mohsin believes in one golden rule about fitness – “Exercise daily the way you eat daily.” Moreover, his love for fitness has been since childhood and the young man has undeniably brought his dreams into reality. Throwing light on how to build a great physique, Mohsin reveals that a lot of things depend on the lifestyle choices one makes in life. “To build a muscular physique is not just about doing intense training, but a lot of factors play an integral role behind it”, comments Mohsin.

Considering workout and exercise as an ultimate stressbuster, the fitness expert reveals that consistent training can keep all the worries away. As much as weight training is important, consuming the right kind of nutrition also plays a crucial role in building a hardcore physique. He says, “What you eat is what you become. The food that you consume reflects on your personality. I suggest to all my clients to stay away from oily and junk food as they are the biggest enemies of the human body.” Interestingly, Mohsin Syed has been away from unhealthy and junk food for more than five years now.

His immense knowledge about fitness has not just seen him as a successful coach but has also given him fame on social media Widely considered as a fitness influencer, Mohsin Syed is gradually building his name all over India and across borders as well. With an MBA degree in Finance, he has been a former investment banker and has been globetrotting since then. Beginning his day at 6 in the morning, Mohsin Syed’s clientele seems to gave no stopping. Simultaneously, he has got many brand collaborations under his belt including HRX, Swisse, Pantaloons and many other apparel and lifestyle brands.

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