Mindset Matters When it Comes to Forex Trading

Mindset Matters When it Comes to Forex Trading

It’s natural, when you see the trappings of wealth, to want that lifestyle for yourself. Successful forex trading is one way to get there. But it’s a major pitfall to get so wrapped up in the expected perks that you fail to appreciate each step of the journey. The truth is, it takes time, energy, and money to forge the path and find a unique identity in the forex world.

If you don’t embrace every new piece of information, every failed experiment, and every long hour spent in education and research, you’ll lose stamina. You have to appreciate the value in the journey, whether you’re getting paid or not. That’s why mindset matters so much when it comes to forex trading.

Ben Barker, 27, has been trading for about five years. He’s got the fancy car, luxury watches, and high end flat, but none of it came easy. In fact, says Ben, those things are beside the point of what he does. “I love my life,” he explains, “but all of those expensive things are just by-products of the journey. They’re not what gets me up every day.”

Granted, Ben was always money-minded. As a youth, he took the initiative to wash his neighbours’ cars and sell candy to his mates at school in order to earn cash. By 17, he’d already started his own company, which he made successful and then sold. Ben followed that same process many times over the next five years and attained real success as an entrepreneur.

When he first became interested in forex trading, there was no pressing need to dominate in the industry. He simply found it fascinating. That passion is what drove Ben to commit to the journey – and to stay the course when his first foray into trading resulted in a £20,000 loss!

It took several long years filled with countless experiments, backtesting, and journaling to find his success. Along the way, Ben was frustrated by many weak training courses that overpromised and under-delivered. So when he was finally able to sell off his remaining businesses and make a living trading forex full time, he immediately offered up his expertise as a mentor for others.

Ben took to Instagram, where he shared his daily trading entries and encouraged trading newbies to stick with their own journeys. The demand for his mentorship skyrocketed, with a mere 200 followers growing to 25,000 in about a year.

By early 2019, Ben realized that he needed a more efficient way of meeting this demand. In May, he launched BsappsFX, a different kind of forex trading training course – one that actually works. In it, Ben shares the strategies he has developed over the years.

He provides real, in-depth education on how to use top down analysis to understand the charts, and reveals the way that banks and other funding institutions use tools like Fibonacci, moving average, support and resistance, market patterns, trend line application, and dynamic key levels in their own investment strategies.

And through it all, Ben is truly there for his members. Over 1,500 people have taken BsappsFX already, with 90 of them going on to receive significant funding for their trades from a well-known lender that has partnered with BsappsFX. Eventually, Ben hopes to open his own small trading floor to support even more BsappsFX graduates.

Asked what makes a successful forex trader in his book, Ben replied, “It’s the people who understand that knowledge compounds the same way that money does. If you put in the work and stay humble in your pursuit of a full-time forex career, you can end up with rewards far greater than any get-rich-quick or instant gratification scheme.”

Mindset definitely matters when it comes to forex trading. If you find joy in the work you do every day, the riches will come, but they won’t fulfil an ultimate goal of any kind. Really, money just offers a nicer ride along the road of life. Only the journey is truly meaningful.

Derek Robins

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