Mimoza Thaqi: Lifestyle Blogger

Mimoza Thaqi: Lifestyle Blogger

From her impeccable fashion sense to her dazzling posts, Mimoza Thaqi consistently delivers, inspiring her audience to feel beautiful and empowered. 

Originally from Kosovo, Albania, Mimoza Thaqi moved to London with love for fashion by her side. Equipped with this passion, Mimoza started modelling at the age of 17. With an impressive amount of followers on Instagram ( @mimoza.t ) and a feed to impress, Mimoza has certainly made her mark in the beauty industry.  

Putting her passion into her hard work, Mimoza swiftly moved up the ranks as a beauty influencer with her ever-innovative beauty tips and awe-striking style. If her Instagram profile wasn’t enough to convince, her list of experiences proves her worth in the industry. 

Not only has Mimoza Thaqi covered Slovenian national newspaper, but she also went on to model for RedBull as well as several clothing lines including FemmeLuxe, Nasty Gal. Her modelling career didn’t just end there; she continued to model for LyreFitness and Orphica cosmetics. 

Innovative beauty tips, impeccable fashion sense, style ideas, Mimoza Thaqi consistently delivers her talent, charming her audience throughout. As she travels around the world draped in the best styles, her professionally taken pictures to strike awe in the hearts of her audience. Inspiring a feeling of want and admiration and allowing her followers to be habitually glued to her profile. 

Armed with skill and passion, she moved on to dominate the beauty world with her new clothing brand MimozaLuxe continuing to inspire her audience around the world. MimozaLuxe, London is about glam, style, empowerment, tasked to give you the confidence to do you. To be confident and empowered in your own body through style and comfort. Mimoza Thaqi has a goal to dazzle up the world in her style inspiring boss women around the world with big dreams.

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