Mido Elgold – Age, Family, Bio

Mido Elgold – Age, Family, Bio

Mido Elgold, also Known as the Golden Wolf/ the Egyptian wolf is an Egyptian weight lifter. He currently lives in Mexico. He started weight training 15 years ago.

While in high school, the Golden Wolf was into sports like fitness, cross-fitness and kong-fu. His aim was not to be a bodybuilder. He was a skinny kid back then. All he wanted was to gain a little weight and size to assist his performance on the field.

Together with a group of his friends, they entered a body-building competition for fun and as a motivation to keep training harder. However, he ended up winning this competition. This made him start using competitions to motivate himself, a goal he set to stand on a stage every year.

Mido Elgold’s net worth

There is not much information about Mido Elgold’s net worth. However, he is a successful Fitness model. He has built a strong social media presence, with over two hundred thousand followers on Instagram alone.

His success as a Fitness model has led to partnerships with several brands, which has likely contributed to his wealth. Mido Elgold is also a personal trainer and nutritionist; his clients often pay high amounts for his services.

All in all, Mido Elgold has likely earned considerable wealth through his various activities.

Mido Elgold’s source of income

Mido Elgold is an experienced fitness trainer and influencer. He has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and has gained a substantial following in that time. The Golden Wolf’s main source of income is from his appearances in major fitness magazines, photoshoots, and speaking at seminars. He has also made money from sponsorships, brand deals, and digital products.

Through Mido’s hard work and dedication, he has been able to build a successful career in the fitness industry. He has been featured in some of the top publications and has been invited to speak at seminars all over the world. His influence has allowed him to make a living doing what he loves, and he is now an inspiration to many aspiring fitness professionals.

He also owns a company Golden Wolf Supplements. The supplements are designed to help people reach their fitness goals faster and more efficiently.

Mido Elgold assets cars and house

There is not much information available about Mido Elgold’s assets, cars and house. What is known is that he lives in Mexico.

Mido Elgold’s net worth growth year-wise

Mido Elgold’s Net Worth in 2023Unknown
Mido Elgold’s Net Worth in 2022Unknown
Mido Elgold’s Net Worth in 2021Unknown
Mido Elgold’s Net Worth in 2020Unknown
Mido Elgold’s Net Worth in 2019Unknown

Mido Elgold’s Expenses

There is not much information available about Mido Elgold’s expenses. However, it is likely that he has to cover a variety of costs in order to keep his business running. These could include the cost of renting a gym or studio space, purchasing equipment, hiring additional staff, and advertising his services.

He may also need to invest in insurance to protect himself and his clients. In addition, he may need to pay for travel expenses if he provides services outside his own area. All of these costs can add up, making it necessary for Mido Elgold to charge a fee for his services.

Mido Elgold’s biography family’s parents, spouse girlfriend

Mido Elgold is a private person. Not much information is available about his parents or siblings.

Currently, he is not in any relationship. Furthermore, he does not have any children of his own.

Mido Elgold: Career Awards and Recognition

Golden Wolf has travelled all over the world, winning countless shows and over 24 trophies over the 7 years of competing. These trophies include 1-time MuscleMania Pro Latin America and 2-time men’s phaysic and Sport Model.

Mido Elgold Education

Mido Elgold studied in high school and university in Alexandria, Egypt.

Mido Elgold and controversies

Mido Elgold is a fitness trainer and model who has gained notoriety for his amazing physique. He has been featured in several fitness magazines, and his Instagram following is growing rapidly.

Despite his success, Mido Elgold has not been involved in any controversies. He has a strong commitment to living a healthy lifestyle and helping others reach their fitness goals. He has also been vocal about the importance of self-care and mental health, which has earned him respect from his followers.

Mido Elgold is an inspiration to many due to his dedication to fitness and refusal to be involved in any controversy.

Mido Elgold Socials

Mido Elgold is an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast who is active on various social media platforms. He uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and Pinterest to share his journey and provide motivation to his followers.

On Facebook, he is known as Elgold Mido (Golden Wolf) and posts content related to health and fitness. His Instagram account, Goldmidofit, is filled with inspiring images and videos of his workouts and progress. His Twitter handle, Goldmidofit, is also a great source of information about his lifestyle and his business endeavours.

On TikTok, Mido can be found at @goldmidofit, where he posts videos of his workouts, nutrition advice, and motivational words. On Pinterest, Mido’s page @goldmidofit is filled with inspiring images and quotes, as well as recipes and workout plans that he has created.

Through his social media accounts, Mido Elgold encourages others to stay fit and healthy and to pursue their dreams.


Mido Elgold quote, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken,” is a reminder to be true to ourselves and to embrace our unique qualities. We all have something special to offer the world, and we should not be afraid to show it.

Everyone is different and has their own unique perspectives, talents, and experiences that make them who they are. When we stay true to ourselves, we can be proud of what we have to offer and learn to appreciate others for their differences.

Being yourself is the only way to truly express and be happy with who you are. It’s also important to remember that everyone else has already been taken, so there is no point in trying to be someone else.




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