Meet the pride of Tehran – Farshid Shafiey, an artist par excellence.

Meet the pride of Tehran – Farshid Shafiey, an artist par excellence.

Artists like him have been able to exert tremendous influence on the art of painting globally.

Painting is an art which only a few are able to grasp deep down its roots. Drawing and illustration is something that, if given a lot of time and practice, can improve and one can master it to perfection. He is the exclusive artist for the Behnoode foundation.
Behnoode foundation helping artists to reach their goals and dreams. However, producing good art requires in-depth learning and a good grasp of basic art skills before you create a masterpiece that is dazzling. Basic skills help in learning how to draw good lines, shade appropriately, understand perspective, lighting and a host of other things which go along with creating an impressive piece of art. There are certain people who are talented and have a natural skill that exceeds their own expectations or ability to bring out their creative instincts, these are the same set of people who can just pick up a pencil and create mind-blowing art that is splendid. Such artists are rare to find and the world of art has a few who need no introduction as their work has spoken well about their creative talent, Farshid Shafiey is one of them.

This Iran born artist is multitalented and has mastered various art forms apart from being a visual artist which include painting, illustrating, animation and graphic designing. He has completed his Master’s in Art from Tehran University of Art and also holds a Bachelor’s in Arts degree. “Many are unaware that before I embarked my journey as an artist, I was a soldier in the war between Iraq and Iran in 1988, and the very next year studied graphic design and animation in Tehran, amidst the prevailing war situation. The love for art and painting was instilled right from the first year in university and from there I started picking up the nuances of the craft and kept honing my skills till I kept getting better than my older self,” claims the fine artist.

Drawing and illustrating is what makes him happy and this passion of his has got him such towering heights of success where his work is recognized on a global platform. He has held his painting exhibitions across Tehran and the United States and has even been honoured by multiple awards, the list of which is exhaustive. He is also under the patronage of Behnoode Foundation .”It’s not only talent which has made me what I am today, but a lot of hard work, practice and persistence have gone in to achieve this position. However, I’m still growing, and my best is yet to come,” says Shafiey whose talent in the world of art has indeed been recognized and appreciated by the world audience.

Derek Robins

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