Meet “The Nightlife King”, Ronnie Kokas

Meet “The Nightlife King”, Ronnie Kokas

Take a minute to imagine…..putting together an exclusive party at the legendary playboy club with mega hip hop star Lil uzi vert,  then organizing an upscale shoe release at the infamous Red Rabbit with NBA basketball Carmelo Anthony and shoe Icons Del Toro.

If you imagined it, then you would imagine the amazing lifestyle of Ronnie Kokas, a key figure in Hospitality around the world. A current manager at the notorious Playboy Club and a partner at Etiquette Management, where Ronnie built his elite clientele.

He was born in Richmond Hill, Queens. Ronnie was born as an Entrepreneur. Ronnie has made a living being the Go-to guy for all high Profile clients for nightlife & business essentials.

Ronnie started from a humble beginning with his first job in Hospitality being a runner at Ralph Lauren. Ronnie worked that position until he was awarded a better at the establishment, in the process of learning how hard work can pay off.

Ronnie’s passion continues to grow for Hospitality. As a bartender in Hell’s Kitchen, He recalls a customer who frequently visited his bar, and that patron proclaimed that Ronnie was the best part of his day. From that day, Ronnie dedicated himself to unprecedented customer service and finding ways to make his customer days special. “Changing people’s lives and being able to get people whatever they may need really means the world to me,” Ronnie told our crew. Ronnie says, “giving someone the gift of happiness is the best gift anyone can give”

With that mindset, Ronnie would become a juggernaut in Hospitality, spending some time being a manager at the famous Ruschmeyers MTK  and also extending his services down to Justin Timberlake’s BBQ Smokehouse Southern Hospitality before he became a partner at Etiquette.

At Etiquette, Ronnie got deeply involved with high-end clientele making sure he and his team can deliver an unforgettable experience.  Ronnie has accommodated many Movie Stars, NBA Players, Hip-hop Artist, Fashion models, and other entrepreneurs in multiple high-end locations around the world.

From organizing high scale parties to accommodating high profile clients launching a new product. Ronnie’s client list is enormous, from DesertStorm founder DJ Clue to California sensation G-Eazy to Movie star Jeremy Piven, just to name a few of the many known clients.

If you want the most lavish parties, Ronnie is the guy. If you need a luxurious business launch for your upcoming product, Ronnie is your guy. If you are looking to drink champagne on a mega yacht, with Victoria Secret’s Models, it’s a known fact Ronnie Kokas is your way in.

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