Meet Social Media Queen and CEO of Jordan Beauty: Jordan B

Meet Social Media Queen and CEO of Jordan Beauty: Jordan B

If a young Mother, a business woman, and a social media influencer, all in one does not motivate you, then what will? It can be overwhelming at times to juggle all three. Without complete faith and strength, none of these circumstances are possible.

Today we speak of Jordan B, a woman with great vigour and enthusiasm to consolidate her position in life, her standing as the CEO and founder of Jordan B Beauty Brand. Besides owning her own company, she is also quite well known in social media circles, Twitter and Instagram being the most talked about. Wonder how she made it here so young in life? Wait until you hear how she also happens to be a full time mom!

Living a life of comfort and luxury, one never knows what she has gone through over the past few months. The sun does not always shine, but after every storm comes a rainbow. She had what appeared to be the perfect life, and knew life had given it all to her in 2017 after she met JayDaYoungan, the love of her life. There was complete bliss, but suddenly, life took it all away. Having to endure such hardships at her age has only motivated her to work harder towards her dreams.

In July of 2022, Jordan lost him and her world came crashing down. At least she still had her son by her side, she knew God had been kind enough to keep their child as a forever remembrance of the best moments of her life. Jordan even posted a memorable tribute to him on her Instagram profile a few days ago, highlighting the wonderful moments they managed to spend together. Her son also recently appeared on her Instagram profile. With all that she had to bear, days were getting tough managing work, fame, and her social media accounts.

She was able to do it all owing to herself, her unmatched management skills, perfect sense of creativity, and innovation. Jordan knew where and how to allocate her sources, streamlining the posts she makes, lifestyle she leads, and business she runs. Leading up to this point, Jordan B has been able to trace the success in her life.

An encouraging part here is played by her followers who have supported, sympathised, and shown her immense love and support over the years. Not only is she inspirational, but she is also an advocate for women’s rights, and the current events that have impacted the lives of women all over the world.

The most enjoyable part of all this is her beauty Brand @jordanbbeautybrand, combined with another page @girltalkgitlcode. The former account shows immense support for women and their willingness to look pretty only for her own sake, and not simply to please anyone else. It is a positive step to show how influencers could also go out of their way to use their platforms, and promote positive values.

Alekh Kumar

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